Archive 81 Season 2 – Has the Show Been Cancelled?


Archive 81, the captivating horror series that debuted on Netflix in January 2022, captured audiences with its chilling blend of found footage and psychological suspense. 

While the show’s ending left plenty of room for further exploration, fans were met with disappointment in March 2022 when Netflix announced its cancellation. The news came as a surprise to many of the viewers who were expecting more from the showrunners.

If you are curious to unfold more details about Archive 81 Season 2, we have all the details lined up.

When is Archive 81 Season 2 Releasing?

As mentioned, Netflix decided not to renew Archive 81 for a second season. There’s no official reason behind the cancellation, especially considering the show’s positive reception and strong viewership numbers during its initial run. 

Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine expressed her disappointment on social media, hinting at planned storylines involving newfound footage and deeper dives into the lore of the mysterious Kaelego cult.

The majority of the people related to the show, be it the cast or the crew have not shed any light on why Netflix had to cancel the show out of the blue, despite the kind of positive reception they garnered from the audience.

What can we expect from Archive 81 Season 2?

Though a second season is no longer a reality, it’s fun to speculate on what it might have held. Since the show garnered quite a bit of popularity and some of the fans were hopeful of a new season, it looks like there’s more to unfold.

Following are a few fan theories that are floating on the internet:

  • The mysterious cult that worshipped the entity known as Kaelego played a significant role in Season 1. A deeper dive into their history, motives, and connection to the Visser could have been a fascinating exploration.
  • Melody, the young resident of the Visser, remained trapped within the time vortex at the end of Season 1. Did Dan manage to free her? Perhaps a second season would have shown their attempts to escape or the consequences of her continued captivity.
  • The nature of the entity that resided within the Visser remained shrouded in mystery. Season 2 could have delved further into its origins and purpose, exploring its connection to the rituals and disappearances that plagued the building.
  • Dan’s journey to overcome his trauma was intertwined with the events at the Visser. A second season could have explored the lasting impact of his experiences and how he copes with the loss and the bizarre reality he witnessed.

Keep in mind that these are mere speculations. Since the show isn’t going to be released, there’s no way to confirm how things would go down.

Who could have returned on Archive 81 Season 2?

If the show was renewed for a second season, pretty much all the core cast from the first season would have returned in the second one, including:

  • Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner
  • Dina Nerubis as Melody Pendras
  • Martin Donovan as Virgil Davenport
  • Matt McGorry as Samuel Sparke