Will Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Season 2 Ever Release?

Frieren season 2 confirmation

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End was indeed a gem among modern anime. It took viewers on an unforgettable journey through 28 captivating episodes offering breathtaking animation, and rich character development.

This series perfectly combined elements of fantasy adventure with intimate character exploration. There’s no denying that the Madhouse team worked hard, making every scene a visual treat.

Despite its promising start, the show hasn’t been renewed yet. This has left fans wondering if there will be a second season to continue the adventure. To find out more about Frieren season 2 confirmation, you must read the information provided below.

When is Frieren Beyond Journey’s End season 2 releasing?

There hasn’t been any official word on when we can expect season 2 of Frieren Beyond Journey’s End on our screens. However, there have been some hints dropped about the anime’s future.

The first season concluded, leaving viewers with the message, “The journey to Ende continues.” This same was shared on the anime’s official X page, giving fans hope that season 1 was just the beginning.

If a second season is permitted, fans might need to exercise a bit of patience. Season 1 was officially confirmed in September 2022, and it took a year for it to premiere in September 2023. So, if we were to hear about a new season soon, we might not see it until around 2025.

Additionally, the studio behind Frieren, Mad House Inc., is currently busy with other projects. This could delay the series further, possibly pushing its return to around 2026.

What can we expect from Frieren Beyond Journey’s End season 2?

In season 1, viewers are introduced to the main character, Frieren, an eleven mage on a mission to find her fallen companion Himmel at the place where souls rest.

Covering roughly the first 60 chapters of the original manga, season 1 provided a glimpse into Frieren’s journey, setting the stage for future adventures.

If season 2 gets the green light, it’s likely to resume the story from Chapter 61, which is the Continued Northern Travels Arc. Here, Frieren, along with her companions Fren and Stark set out on a daring journey further north. During this arc, the party encounters a magic-nullifying crystal that could aid them in their challenges ahead.

Who are the voice actors in Frieren Beyond Journey’s End season 2?

While there’s no official word on Frieren season 2 yet, if it does make a comeback, we can expect the return of its ensemble cast. As for the studio behind a new season, nothing has been confirmed, but the talented team at Madhouse will likely continue the series.

Here’s who we might see reprising their roles:

  • Frieren by Malorie Rodak (EN) / Astumi Tanezaki (JP)
  • Himmel by Clifford Chapin (EN) / Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP)
  • Heiter by Jason Douglas (EN) / Hiroki Tochi (JP)
  • Eisen by Christopher Guerrero (EN) / Yoji Ueda (JP)
  • Fern by Jill Harris (EN) / Kana Ichinose (JP)
  • Stark by Jordan Dash Cruz (EN) / Chiaki Kobayashi (JP)
  • Flamme by Lydia Mackay (EN) / Atsuko Tanaka (JP)
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