Fred Hurt Net Worth 2024 – How Much Is the Gold Rush Star Worth?

Fred Hurt Net Worth

If you are a fan of Gold Rush and have binge-watched the show quite often, chances are that you know who Fred Hurt is. He goes by the pseudonym Dakota Fred, which brought him the initial bout of fame that he is known for.

Fred Hurt rose to fame after starring in the popular Discovery reality show, Gold Rush. But, that isn’t just the only source of fame for the man. He has also garnered a lot of popularity from a few other reality TV series, including White Water and All That Glitters.

This article will explore more about Fred Hurt, his early life, his career trajectory, and the kind of net worth he has amassed throughout the years.

Early Life

Fred Hurt was born on July 10, 1943. He was born in Minot, Dakota, which is where he spent the majority of his childhood.

There’s not much information available about his early childhood years, but reports suggest that he didn’t fare well in his school. Right from his childhood, Fred was interested in different kinds of water activities, including fishing, sports diving, etc.

As he further developed his interest in sports diving, Fred decided to switch to this as a profession, trying to make the most out of his life. He ventured into marine biology as a career but later switched to geology to make more money. He didn’t do well in either.


While pursuing a career in diving, Fred decided to learn more about mining, excavation, and demolition, which is what, pushed him to start his own construction company.

Following the launch, Fred ran the company for 25 years and generated steady profits from it. But, once he turned 60, that are when he decided to retire. But, he didn’t want to sit down idle and do nothing with his life, which is when he ventured into gold mining.

Later, Fred, along with his son decided to join Gold Rush, bringing a lot of growth in their career. They worked with the Hoffman crew in the first season. With the kind of recognition they received with each season, it wasn’t surprising that they ended up securing even more reality TV shows following leaving Gold Rush.

Personal Life

Details about Fred Hurt’s first wife aren’t known publicly. Following their divorce, Fred went on to marry Lorrayne Hurt but she passed away suddenly in 2015. Later in 2016, Fred went on to marry Jennifer Sheets, and the two are happily married.

Fred has four children from his first two marriages and he doesn’t have any children from his current marriage. One of his four children, Dustin, was the one who participated in Gold Rush with him.

Net Worth

Fred Hurt’s success in terms of finances and net worth doesn’t just come from Gold Rush. It is also influenced by the previous successful construction business that he used to run. That is what brought him the majority of the income. As of 2024, Fred has an estimated net worth of $6 million.


1. How did Fred Hurt get involved in gold mining?

Fred Hurt has been involved in gold mining for many years. He became more widely known when he joined the cast of “Gold Rush,” where he was featured as a seasoned and experienced gold miner.

2. Which seasons of “Gold Rush” did Fred Hurt appear in?

Fred Hurt appeared in multiple seasons of “Gold Rush.” His first significant appearance was in the second season, and he continued to be part of the show in subsequent seasons.

3. Why did Fred Hurt leave the “Gold Rush”?

Fred Hurt left “Gold Rush” in later seasons, and the reasons for his departure were not always explicitly mentioned on the show. Changes in mining operations, conflicts with other cast members, or personal reasons could be factors.