Foxy Di Net Worth 2024 – True Wealth of the Russian AV Star

Foxy Di Net Worth

Being familiar with up-and-coming stars in the adult entertainment industry can be challenging but names like Foxi Di don’t require any introduction. Foxi has been making rounds on the internet and she has gained a lot of traction in the Russian entertainment industry.

Foxi has appeared in a variety of videos and long and short films as well. Her initial popularity also stems from the modeling industry, something that has put her on the map. Not only has Foxi appeared on multiple magazine covers, but she has also been part of commercials too.

We will be taking you along a ride exploring more about Foxi Di, her early life, and the kind of career she has built for herself.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Foxy Di
Birth Date 14 September 1994
Age 29
Country of Origin Russia
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Single
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $300,000
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024

Early Life

Foxi Di was born on September 14, 1994, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her life journey from her birth hasn’t been the easiest, especially because she was born into a low-income and humble middle-class family.

Despite the struggles, Foxi’s parents were the epitome of hard work and resilience. They not only worked hard but ensured to provide their children with all the necessities in their lives, be it for education or their leisure.

Growing up, Foxi witnessed her parents work relentlessly to provide for the family, which was one of the main reasons why she wanted to stand out in her career and ensure to provide her family with the best life.

Foxi was a very obedient child and a bright student academically as well. She never compromised on her education at all. Instead, she focused on being top of her class from the beginning. 

Not only do we not have any idea about her parents, we can’t seem to find any kind of information about her siblings too.

Personal Life

When trying to figure out if Foxi Di is single or in a relationship, we unfortunately couldn’t find anything. Now, there is a reason behind it. Foxi has clarified multiple times that she doesn’t want her career to weigh down on the lives of the people around her. This is why she prefers keeping her private affairs to herself.

Foxy Di


When it comes to exploring information about Foxi’s career, there’s not a straight ride. It is filled with a lot of hard work. Initially, she started to explore her passion in the modeling industry, trying to figure out ways to play around with the camera and see if that’s something she genuinely loves.

Despite being born in Russia, she is born of Caucasian descent and has worked her way through a lot of pushback. Initially, Foxi worked with a few local brands, promoting their products and being on magazine photoshoots. However, she didn’t find much peace in that.

Foxi knew that she wanted to be in front of the camera but on a bigger scale, which is when she connected with different production companies and landed her debut video with one. That was the initial push she needed to grow her career in the AV industry.

After shooting a few videos, almost all of them went viral, bringing her millions of views in a matter of a few months. That fame escalated in her social media scene too. Not only did she manage to grow her popularity, but she grew her following on social media.

Net Worth

When looking through Foxi Di’s sources of income, it is safe to say that her $300,000 net worth is primarily through her career in the AV industry. She also earns a decent amount from her social media ventures and brand promotions, further adding to her wealth.


1. Is Foxy famous across her social media accounts?

Many people have this misconception that just because Foxy is famous in the AV industry she must have an immense following across her social media accounts. That is not the case. She prefers not to be on social media.

2. Does Foxy have a Twitter account?

Foxy isn’t that active on social media and prefers to spend her time away from it. This is one of the reasons why she doesn’t have a Twitter account too.

3. What kind of genres of videos does Foxy do?

When it comes to the genre of videos that Foxy stars in, it is quite diverse and includes threesome, lesbian, full-length films, etc.