Fate The Winx Saga Season 3 – What Is the Potential Release Date?


It’s not every day that you come across a teen drama series that leaves you shocked and satisfied with the storyline at the same time. Garnering a huge fanbase, Fate The Winx is a popular Netflix show, which has now left the audience with a series of questions.

The characters fighting to save Alfea have won the battle. But, it brought along a series of consequences that were not only unexpected but left the audience intrigued with several questions.

Fate The Winx Saga Season 3

If you are awaiting more answers and clarifications, this article will explore the status of Fate the Winx Season 3, its release date, and also the potential cast and plot.

When is Fate the Winx Season 3 Releasing?

Fate the Winx Season 3 Release Date

Fate the Winx ran successfully for the first two seasons, garnering attention and a dedicated fanbase in no time at all.

However, it looks like fate surely had other plans for the show. While the audience was getting hyped up regarding the release of the third season, Netflix suddenly canceled the show.

So, to answer your question regarding Fate the Winx Season 3, it is most likely not happening. As disappointing as it sounds, that’s how things are at this point. Fans are no doubt furious and confused about the surprise cancellation but it looks like there’s no going back at this point.

What is the Expected Plot of Fate the Winx Season 3?

Fate The Winx Saga Season 3 Plot

Netflix has canceled Fate the Winx Season 3, so there’s no point discussing what “could” happen in the third season of the show.

Now, that said, we do have a potential storyline that could have transpired in the third season, provided that Netflix didn’t cancel the show. However, since the reversal of the cancellation seems unlikely, we’d have to take this speculation with a grain of salt.

With Bloom being taken down, the fairies in the Wink Suite are left without any power. The battle to save Alfea led to a blood bath and a lot of consequences for everyone involved. Now, in the meantime, Bloom is working everything in her power to reverse the damage, trying to close the portal and the Dragon Flame power.

We could have also taken a look into Terra and Flora’s life. While Terra is thriving and in a relationship with Kat, things aren’t as flourishing for her sister, Flora. The third season could have ventured into the impact the war had on Flora and how she is dealing with the aftermath. But, it looks like nothing is getting the answer as it should.

The third season could have explored more surrounding Musa’s character, who is building a stronger relationship with Riven. But, with Netflix canceling the show out of nowhere, none of these characters will get to evolve and the audience is also left with a lot of open-ended questions that have no answers to them at this point.

Who will Return in Fate the Winx Season 3?

Fate the Winx Season 3 Cast

Since the show isn’t returning, it is almost futile to list out the potential cast that would have otherwise made a comeback on the show. At this point, all we can do is hope that things would somehow change and the cancellation is reversed.

If that ends up happening for real though, the following are the people that would most like return:

  • Abigail Cowen

Abigail Cowen

  • Hannah van der Westhuysen

Hannah van der Westhuysen

  • Precious Mustapha

Precious Mustapha

  • Eliot Salt

Eliot Salt

  • Elisha Applebaum

Elisha Applebaum

  • Paulina Chávez

Paulina Chávez

  • Robert James-Collier

Robert James-Collier

  • Danny Griffin

Danny Griffin

  • Freddie Thorp

Freddie Thorp

  • Leah Minto

Leah Minto

These are the cast that we hoped would return in Season 3. But, with the cancellation, it looks like none of them are returning after all.

Is there a Trailer for Fate the Winx Season 3?

Since Netflix has canceled the show, we aren’t getting a third season anytime in the future. Not only has this left the audience confused about the show’s sudden ending, but it has also left the audience with a fairly long list of questions.

We don’t have a trailer and looks like we won’t in the future too. All you can do now is check out the trailer and the episodes of the first two seasons at this point.

Where can I watch Fate the Winx Season 3?

Fate the Winx is a Netflix original series, which means that all the streaming rights are with them. If you want to watch the first two seasons of the show, they are available on Netflix.

As for the third season, since Netflix has canceled the show already, there isn’t going to be one in the future.


Fate the Winx is quite an unconventional show featuring the beauty of mysticism and magic, alongside elements of adventure, thriller, and clashes. If these are genres right up your alley, we’d highly recommend you add the show to your list of “to watch later.” Unfortunately, the show has been canceled by Netflix, so a Season 3 isn’t likely happening.