Family Reunion Season 6 – Will It Be the Last Season?

Family Reunion Season 6

When you are bored and need some distraction, binge-watching sitcoms is probably the best thing you can do and Netflix’s Family Reunion is one you simply can’t miss out on. The show has five successful seasons under its belt and the fans are curious about Season 6.

For those that are new, Family Reunion follows the McKellan family as they relocate from Chicago to a small Southern town to live with extended family. As they adjust to the change, we get to experience family bonding and challenges along the way.

The light-hearted Netflix sitcom captivated the audience’s attention and we have sorted all the information that you need to know about Family Reunion Season 6 and its eventual release.

When is Family Reunion Season 6 Released?

Well, we have some bad news for the fans. According to official reports, Family Reunion has come to an end after its fifth season, which premiered in October 2022.

While some of the fans were hopeful that they would at least get another season, it seems like a feeble possibility at this point. The fifth season ended with all the characters getting their well-deserved closures and the plot has been concluded quite well too.

Getting to witness shows end on a happy end is always a pretty amazing feat. But, it is also true that the show’s ending has broken the hearts of several fans who loved the relatable characters and the slow-paced storyline.

What can we expect from Family Reunion Season 6?

By this point, we know that Family Reunion Season 6 is not happening in the future. But, with some of the fans being hopeful about an eventual release, it goes without saying that people have already speculated what the plot could have been like in the new season.

If a sixth season were to materialize, we could anticipate more heartwarming moments, relatable family dynamics, and the continued growth and development of the McKellan family members. 

The show’s creators have demonstrated their ability to weave humor, heartwarming moments, and life lessons into engaging storylines, and we can expect more of the same if the show returns.

But, even with all the speculations and predictions happening, we can’t deny the fact that Family Reunion Season 6 is not happening in the future. So, we’d have to settle down for re-runs of the first five seasons.

Who is returning to Family Reunion Season 6?

If Family Reunion Season 6 were to happen, we could have witnessed the core cast returning. That would have included:

  • Tia Mowry-Hardrict as M’Dear
  • Anthony Alabi as Pops
  • Loretta Devine as Maybelle
  • Talia Jackson as Jade
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka
  • Jordyn King as Gigi
  • Jayden Kyle as Mazzi
  • Myles Brown as Amelia


The end of Family Reunion on Netflix feels like the end of an era. While that confirms that Season 6 is not a possibility anymore, we can’t deny that the show gave the audience a lot of comfort that they were on the lookout for at that moment. The show will be missed.


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