Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 – What Is Set to Happen Next?

Expedition Bigfoot Season 5

Among all the mythical creatures and legends that we have heard of growing up, Bigfoot has been a common occurrence in every one of them. The creature has captivated the imaginations of millions of people over the decades.

The Travel Channel’s series “Expedition Bigfoot” takes on the challenge of demystifying this legendary creature, embarking on expeditions to the most promising Bigfoot hotspots across North America. 

Following the first four seasons, the fans are now looking forward to more news about Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 and we have all the news lined up here.

When is Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 Releasing?

Initial rumors about Expedition Bigfoot revealed that Season 5 will be released in November 2023. However, that seems to be untrue because the show hasn’t been renewed for a new season yet.

The Travel Channel will most likely renew and bring back this much anticipated season in 2024 but even that is a big question mark at this point. What we do know about Season 5 is that it will consist of 10 episodes as well.

The exact release date has not yet been announced, but fans can rest assured that the team will be back in the field, delving deeper into the wilderness in search of concrete proof of Bigfoot’s existence.

When we do end up getting official news about the renewal and release date, we will be the first to update you about the same as well. So, keep your eye peeled and save this webpage.

What can we expect from Expedition Bigfoot Season 5?

Season 5 promises to be an even more thrilling and captivating journey into the heart of Bigfoot territory. The team will explore new locations, armed with advanced technology and expertise, to uncover clues that have remained hidden for decades. 

Expect to see more intense investigations, heart-stopping encounters, and in-depth analyses of potential Bigfoot evidence.

With shows like these, which rely on realism, it is quite difficult to isolate and pinpoint what’s going to happen in a new season because the majority of the show is not scripted. Think of it as an expedition and adventure that the cast sets out on.

They gather information and explore the area to find traces of Bigfoot and then the footage is polished in post-production. Hence, it is quite difficult to say what will happen in the new season.

Who is returning to Expedition Bigfoot Season 5?

The core team of experts and adventurers who have made “Expedition Bigfoot” a success is expected to return for Season 5. This includes:

  • Bryce Johnson
  • Russell Acord
  • Mireya Mayor

Besides them, we also have to applaud the crew that works with them on these expeditions to bring the live and raw footage that we watch.


Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 is mostly a green signal at this point. We just don’t know when it’s going to be released. So, if you have been excited, hold in that excitement for a bit longer because we might get a new season next year in 2024.


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