Expedition Bigfoot Season 4: The Expedition Continues

Expedition Bigfoot Season 4

If you are a fan of documentaries as well as thrillers then you must have already watched Expedition Bigfoot. This expedition that airs Discovery+ as well as the Travel Channel is all set for a new season. The show brilliantly captures the thrill of the expedition and also the desire to know and achieve what has not been achieved so far.

Bigfoot, a fantastical creature, has governed the pages of many thrilling adventure stories throughout history yet has always eluded discovery. The thrill of excavating the unknown heightens, therefore.

If you are a fan of thrillers then you have probably been a very passionate viewer of this particular show. If you have been a passionate and consistent viewer of the show then you are probably also very excited for the latest season of the show that has already been declared to be released. 

Want to know more about the release date, the plot, and the cast of the latest season of Expedition Bigfoot, then keep reading.

When is the release date of Expedition Bigfoot season 4?

After successfully running for 3 seasons straight, the creators of Expedition Bigfoot are back with a brand new installment to the series. The 4th season is finally all ready to make its debut appearance.

Fans will be excited to know that the release date has already been declared for Expedition Bigfoot season 4. The latest season of the show is all set to release in August of 2023. More specifically you can tune in to its host channel on the 30th of August come on 2023, if you want to catch the first episode of the upcoming season of Expedition Bigfoot.

The show released Its first episode in 2019. After that, the 3rd season of the show had concluded only recently in March. Even then the fans of the show had been waiting for the release of the 4th season eagerly. The good news for them is that the wait is now finally almost over.

What is the plot of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

The expedition follows a team of 5 members as they explore various parts of the earth where they feel they might find some trees that hint towards the existence of Bigfoot. Even though the plot of the 4th season of Expedition Bigfoot has not yet been announced officially by the creators, the foundational plot will of course remain unchanged.

In this season the team is expected to explore a new location. As hints suggest this new location might be in Alaska. The fans will once again get to watch their deviously advanced and brilliant technology Ajay as they excavate and explore various clues. After all, you never know which clue might lead to actual evidence that would confirm the existence of the historical character of Bigfoot.

The latest season will feature newer and scarier adventures. The fans can easily expect the 4th season to be as thrilling and spine-chilling as the last ones, if not more.

Who are the cast members of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

The team is likely to remain the same across all the seasons. Here is taking a look at the cast of Expedition Bigfoot Season 4.

  • Mireya Mayor: An Anthropologist, explorer, and even an ex-NFL dancer.

Mireya Mayor

  • Russell Acord: The established leader of the team and knows all the tricks of survival.

Russell Acord

  • Bryce Johnson: The host of the show and narrates the progress as the story moves on.

Bryce Johnson

  • Ryan “RPG” Golembeske: The technology expert of the team.

Ryan Golembeske

  • Ronny LeBlanc: An analyst, a writer, and he serves as the contact between this group and the people.

Ryan Golembeske


The series is now ready to bless the screens of the fans again. It is now only a matter of a little while before the 4th season is released. When released it is sure to live up to the expectations it has set in the minds of the fans up till now.