Everything Now Season 2 – A Look Ahead at What’s Next


Netflix’s teen dramedy “Everything Now” captured hearts with its relatable portrayal of navigating friendships, self-discovery, and the complexities of mental health in a social media-driven world. Despite the positive reception, the show was canceled by the creators after the first season.

While the news is disappointing, let’s delve into what could have been for “Everything Now” Season 2, exploring potential storylines, returning characters, and the themes the show might have tackled.

We will further explore all the details about Everything Now Season 2 and the expectations that the fans have associated with the show.

When is Everything Now Season 2 Releasing?

Unfortunately, despite initial reports of a writer’s room being assembled, “Everything Now” has been officially canceled by Netflix. The news came as a disappointment to fans and cast members alike. Actor Dylan Brady, who plays a central role, expressed his frustration with the streaming giant’s reliance on viewership numbers in the first month, hindering the potential for shows to build a following over time. 

While there’s no official confirmation of a revival, there’s always a chance the show could find a new home on another platform. Petition campaigns and strong fan support have brought back shows previously deemed canceled.

The fans of the show have been left disappointed with the show’s cancellation, so it isn’t surprising that some are still hopeful about its return in the future.

What can we expect from Everything Now Season 2?

Season 1 focused on Mia’s recovery from anorexia and her tentative steps towards self-acceptance. Season 2 could have explored the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship with food and body image, especially with the pressures of social media. We might have seen Mia navigate new romantic relationships or delve deeper into her artistic aspirations.

The first season highlighted the complexities of Mia’s friendships with Alex and Lilah. Season 2 could explore how these dynamics change as they navigate their journeys of self-discovery and the fallout of past conflicts.

The budding romance between Mia and classmate Josh offered a sweet note in season 1. A second season could explore if their connection deepens, or if the complexities of recovery and personal growth put a strain on their relationship.

Mia’s strained relationship with her parents was a recurring theme. Season 2 could delve deeper into family dynamics, exploring forgiveness, communication, and the challenges of navigating mental health within the family unit.

Season 1 hinted at the academic pressures faced by the characters. A second season could explore the challenges of balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and personal struggles, potentially tackling themes of pressure to succeed and the importance of mental well-being in academia.

Who might return on Everything Now Season 2?

Because the show has already been canceled, there seems to be no hope left around who might return in the future. However, we can remain hopeful that if the show were to be renewed, it would return with the main cast like Sophie Wilde, Joe Locke, Nell Verlaque, Tom Rhys Harries, and Alex Jarrett.