Escaping Polygamy Season 5 – Is it Returning in the Future?

Escaping Polygamy Season 5

Are you a fan of unique reality television shows? If yes, Escaping Polygamy is a show you’d love to watch. To give you a bit of context, the show showcases the lives of three sisters who escaped from the polygamous Kingston clan in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Getting to explore Andrea, Jessica, and Shanell’s lives as they step out of the clutch of polygamy is an experience that no one accepts. The show was initially on A&E but later moved to Lifetime and reports suggest that it has been renewed for Season 5.

We will take you through all the details related to Escaping Polygamy Season 5 and its potential comeback details.

When is Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Releasing?

Initially, some rumors of Escaping Polygamy were renewed for a new season. However, there have been no updates since then. The creators have yet to shed some light on the show’s return yet.

Also, the fifth season will not return on A&E since the network has dropped the show and won’t be airing it any further. The good thing is that Lifetime has most likely picked the show up, so we can expect a new season to be available for streaming via Lifetime.

That’s the extent of the information we have right now. There seem to be no further insights yet but with no official cancellation yet, we can remain hopeful that things might change in the future. It is all a waiting game at this point.

What can we expect from Escaping Polygamy Season 5?

In the fifth season, the sisters will continue to help people who are seeking to escape from polygamy. They will also deal with their challenges, such as raising a family and maintaining their relationships. The show is expected to be even more intense and dramatic than previous seasons.

Since it is a reality show, it is difficult to exactly predict how things will unfold. We’d have to wait for the show to release to see how the creators progress with the plot.

For some context, we’d recommend you watch the first four seasons since the fifth season will most likely pick up from where they ended Season 4. So, if you are directly watching the fifth season, you are bound to be confused about the plot and the premise of the show.

Who is returning to Escaping Polygamy Season 5?

If Escaping Polygamy Season 5 is returning, we can expect the main cast to make a comeback, including:

  • Jessica Christensen

Jessica Christensen

  • Andrea Christensen

Andrea Christensen 

  • Shanell DeRieux

Shanell DeRieux 

Any supporting character that shows up in Season 5 will only be revealed when the show returns. So, we’d have to wait for that.


Is Escaping Polygamy renewed for Season 5?

While there have been rumours about a renewal, there is no official confirmation yet.

Which network will air Escaping Polygamy Season 5?

A&E will not air Season 5 as the network has dropped the show. However, Lifetime has most likely picked it up, so the new season may be available for streaming on Lifetime.

What to Expect in Escaping Polygamy Season 5?

Season 5 will continue to follow the sisters as they help people escape from polygamous communities. The show is expected to be even more dramatic and intense, dealing with the sisters’ challenges and the stories of those they assist.


Escaping Polygamy Season 5 will bring on further controversies that will be unveiled. If you have been awaiting more news about the eventual release of the new season, we have shared all the information that we have right now. Any further insights from the official sources will be shared once they are revealed.


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