Erik Griffin’s Love Life – Who is He Engaged to Or Is He Dating A Girlfriend?

Erik Griffin's Love Life – Who is He Engaged to?

If you are weak for comedy shows, chances are that you have heard the name, Erik Griffin. He is best known for playing the role of Montez Walker in the show “Workaholics” which aired on Comedy Central.

Following the degree of fame and popularity that he gained from the show alone, it isn’t surprising that people are often curious about his personal life, especially his love life, which has been a matter of controversy lately.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Erik Griffin’s love life and who he is currently with.

Is Erik Griffin Married?

Before we divulge into the in-depth analysis of Erik’s love life, let us sort out the basics first. Is Erik Griffin married?

The short answer is no. He is not married but he is engaged to be married. His fiance’s name is Rachel Sklar. The two have been in a relationship for quite some time now and are finally engaged and set to be married.

There are no clear details about the start of their relationship. However, the two made things public in 2017, which is when Griffin and Sklar started posting each other actively. There are rumors that the two met online.

Since 2018, the couple has been quite frequent with their posts about each other on their individual social media platforms. Despite going strong, the couple separated for some time in 2019 but reconciled later.

When is Erik Griffin Getting Married?

With Erik and Rachel already engaged, fans have been curious as to when they two are going to get married. The news about their engagement broke in 2021 when Erik took to his YouTube channel to discuss the same.

During that video, Erik and Rachel revealed a lot about their relationship citing their separation and how they are on the mend. Erik finally proposed to Rachel during the quarantine period and the two have been engaged to be married since then.

However, it was revealed that Erik couldn’t buy Rachel a ring during the proposal because she wanted to pick a ring herself. She posted with one a few weeks later. Since then, the two of them have taken to their social media platforms to share cute messages and videos of each other.

One cute instance that Erik disclosed in his podcast was a ritual they do every day. At night, Rachel takes off her ring and puts it inside the box, and hands it over to Erik. What Erik has to do is take the ring out of the box each morning and then propose to Rachel every morning with it.

What does Rachel Sklar Do?

Not much is known about the professional side of things about Erik’s fiancé, Rachel. However, according to reports, Rachel is most likely a famous runway model.

Owing to her slender physique and beautiful personality, Rachel has worked with leading brands and even walked the runway multiple times. There isn’t a lot of information about it but reports suggest that Rachel has also won a series of amazing pageants. 

Besides that, Rachel has gained headlines in the media due to her association with Erik. We don’t know anything else about her career at the moment.


Erik Griffin is engaged and isn’t dating his girlfriend and his wife simultaneously. Despite the bizarre rumors, Erik and Rachel seem to be going strong. The couple looks very happy and in love, despite the controversies and the constant negativity that’s spewed by the audience on the internet. We don’t have an official wedding date for the two yet.