El Cid Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & News

El Cid Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, News

The El Cid series is a Spanish-based show. El Cid is an action drama TV show about Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar “El Cid” who is the 11th-century Castilian warlord and knight. El Cid streams on the amazon prime website, it is a type of historical genre starring a lot of big actors. The original languages used in this series are Spanish and Arabic. Till now, 2 successful seasons of EL Cid have been released with a total number of 10 episodes out of which 5 episodes are each of the seasons.

The series is created and produced by Jose Velasco and Luis Arranz. Amazon studios is the top production company of this series. This show is available in many languages on amazon prime – English, french, german and many more.

El Cid Season 3


The Plot El Cid Season 3

The story revolves around Rodrigo Diaz who is a Castilian nobleman. It is based on a true story where he vows to lurch on to a monarchy which is trying to control him. It is totally a historic movie where the lead actor Ruy is a military leader who has been a leader for a very long time. 

The formability of El Cid is unfought. He is also a politician and the story is about 11th-century living where El Cid was considered a champion of Christian Spain, the rivals were considered Muslims and particularly the Almoravid forces. 


The Cast Of El Cid Season 3

The cast of this series is well known for their acting skills and the performance which they have given in this series. The cast got fame and tremendous love from the people after the release of El Cid season 1. The characters and cast of the series are listed below:

1. Jaime Lorente as Ruy

Jaime Lorente as Ruy 

2. Lucia Guerrero as Jumena

Lucia Guerrero as Jumena 

3. Elia Galera as Queen Sancha

Elia Galera as Queen Sancha 

4. Francisco Ortiz as Sancho who is Ferdinand’s eldest son

Francisco Ortiz as Sancho

5. Alicia Sanz as Infanta Elvira who is Ferdinand’s eldest child

Alicia Sanz as Infanta Elvira

6. Sara Vidorreta as Ermesinda

Sara Vidorreta as Ermesinda 

7. Daniel Albaladejo as Maestro Orotz

Daniel Albaladejo as Maestro Orotz

8. Carlos bardem as curt flain of leon

Carlos bardem as curt flain of leon

Followed by many other actors who contributed to the success of the series. It is expected that season 3 will have the same actors.


The Release Date Of El Cid Season 3

The first season of EI CID was released on December 18, 2020, on prime video and subsequently, the second episode was released on July 15, 2021. The fans of the series are expecting more action and fun, the success of the previous 2 seasons has set a good threshold level among the people and now people are very excited to watch season 3. It is expected that by 8th February 2023, the third season will be available for the audience.


1. Is there a season 3 of upload on Amazon Prime?

Although we don’t have an official confirmation about the show’s return from the network or the showrunner, the cast of the show has confirmed that they are returning with a third season, which has left the audience pretty elated about the show’s comeback.

2. Is El Cid based on a real person?

The character of El Cid is based on the 11th-century person in Spain of the same name. He was touted as the hero of Spain and a fierce Champion of Christian Spain. He fought against a lot of people back in the day.

3. How did El Cid end?

According to history, El Cid and his wife lived in Valencia until the Almoravids invaded the city. Despite the invasion, El Cid and his companions were successful in taking them down and defeating them. He died around five years later after that.

4. Where is the sword of El Cid?

If you finished watching El Cid and have been curious about where the sword of El Cid is, it is officially available at the Museum of Burgos. If you are ever in that place, you can go ahead and see it.