Edge Of Alaska Season 5 – Is the Show Ending for Good?

Edge Of Alaska Season 5

The reality series, which chronicled the lives of residents in the remote Alaskan town of McCarthy, concluded its run in November 2017 after four seasons. So, if you have been waiting for the show’s renewal, it is most likely not happening anymore.

While the show garnered a dedicated fanbase and captured the unique challenges and spirit of living off the grid, declining viewership and production difficulties ultimately led to its cancellation. The news came as a shock to many of the dedicated fans.

If you are still hopeful about the show’s eventual return with a different network, we have all the details about Edge of Alaska Season 5 in this article.

When is Edge of Alaska Season 5 Releasing?

When it comes to the markers that drive the show’s renewal, it is viewership. Although the first two seasons of the show gained a lot of traction, the viewership started declining with the third and fourth seasons, leading to further disappointment among the fans.

The show sparked interest in McCarthy, drawing both tourists and aspiring off-the-gridders to its scenic wilderness and it made sense that the show’s growth didn’t take a long time from there.

However, it would eventually be the maximum of it. From the third season, the show started losing its charm, which led to the showrunners and the network canceling the show for good without progressing things because it wouldn’t make any sense economically.

What can we expect from Edge of Alaska Season 5?

Season 5 of Edge of Alaska isn’t happening. That has been confirmed officially and there seems to be no hope with the show returning in the future. So, there are two ways this could go. We can wallow about the fact that the show isn’t returning or we can sit down and explore what made the show so popular initially.

McCarthy, nestled amidst the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains wasn’t just a backdrop; it was a living character. The show captured the breathtaking beauty of Alaska’s wilderness, from towering glaciers to cascading waterfalls. Viewers experienced the harshness of winter snowstorms and the exhilaration of spring thawing.

At the heart of the show were the residents of McCarthy. Each individual brought their own story, dreams, and challenges. We saw Jeremy Keller and his family adapt to life as homesteaders, Neil Darish’s entrepreneurial ambition, the quiet wisdom of Mark Wacht, and the community’s collective effort to preserve their unique way of life.

Who is returning on Edge of Alaska Season 5?

Given that Edge of Alaska has officially come to an end after the fourth season, it is safe to say that a new season isn’t likely to happen. So, there’s no point in discussing who is going to return in the fifth season because it isn’t going to be a reality.


The cancellation of Edge of Alaska has come as a shock for some of the dedicated fans who were hoping to see more of their favorite characters and their on-screen presence. However, it looks like the fans will have to settle for the four seasons that are available to watch.


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