Dvdrockers: Your Entertainment Zone has a New Address


Movies are often regarded as the spice of life and quite correctly so. It is one of the easiest means of entertainment available to us. It becomes yet easier when you get to watch your favorite movies at your own home in the comfort of your couch. That is what the torrent sites are for. Today we are going to talk about one such site named dvdrockers. The site is known for the wide variety of regional content that it has in store for its viewers. However, this top notch torrent site has a major drawback. It uses pirated content and hence has been rendered illegal. We are going to take a look at the options that we can therefore use in place of dvdrockers and also take a brief look at the details of the site we are dealing with. 

What is dvdrockers?


You must understand the problem in depth to arrive at its solution. Now, the problem of the site has got nothing to do with the usual problems that one may face such as video streaming qualities and collection of movies and so on. The site, dvdrockers, has a wide variety of movies that can be streamed or downloaded in various and amazing video and sound qualities. Even though the site deals with mainly regional movies such as South Indian films or Bollywood movies, dvdrockers have quite a good number of English movies as well. But the problem with the site is that all of these movies are pirated. They are free and can be watched by anyone provided they know the steps to do the same, but are nevertheless uploaded on the site without proper permission from the creators of the content. 

Features of dvdrockers

Dvdrockers is considered illegal and banned by Google to be accessed in India, there is quite a portion of the population who keep using the platform. The people caught using the site can be punished by law. So then what is it that keeps them coming back for more? It is the service that dvdrockers provide. It has some great features that help enhance the quality of the movie-watching experience of the user. What are these features? Let’s take a look!

  • The first and foremost thing that serves to be quite lucrative to the users of the site is that it provides free content. One will not have to pay for anything that they watch on the site.
  • You can select the resolution that you would like to stream or download your movie in. 
  • The kind of content that you can get on the site is quite varied. Starting from movies you can also go on to watch web series and listen to songs as well.
  • It is quite easy to handle the site. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to browse for their desired content with ease.
  • If you are a cinephile then this site can not ever disappoint you. Not only does it have a variety in the languages of the films, but it also has a plethora of genres from which you can choose one of your choices.

Categories of movies available on the site

This is one of the most amazing features of the site dvdrockers. The site has a rich profusion of movies that are diverse not only in terms of the languages they are in but also their genres. We have enlisted some of the categories of movies that you can find on the site. Those categories well further have various kinds of movies starting from romances to thrillers under them. 

  1. Telugu movies
  2. Telugu dubbed movies
  3. Bollywood movies
  4. Hindi dubbed movies
  5. Hollywood movies

These movies can be streamed online or downloaded from the site in whichever resolution you want them to be in. Dvdrockers provide movies in HD quality as well. 

Steps to watching movies on dvdrockers

Watching movies on DVD rockers is one of the easiest things a person can do. Its user-friendly interface looks after the fact that even the people who are not very habituated with the working of the Internet can access the site quite easily. Below mentioned are some simple steps that will help you too stream movies on the site. 

  1. Dvdrockers is an illegal movie watching site in our country. So to bypass our restrictions we need to install VPN software on our device.
  2. Once you have installed the software on your device you need to select an IP address of a place where the site can be browsed legally.
  3. After you have chosen the IP address you are now all set to go on to the next step. The next step involves you searching for the link to the site.
  4. The site is an illegal one that has two change its domain address continuously and consistently to keep functioning. Be careful to choose the current working link of the site.
  5. Once you are inside the site you will see a very well maintained homepage. You can either search for your movie here or choose a category from the enlisted ones. 
  6. Click on the movie you want to watch.
  7. You will be provided with two options off either streaming the movie online or downloading it to watch later in your free time.
  8. Click on the option of streaming the movie online and enjoy it!

12 Legal Alternatives to dvdrockers:

Even though the site has quite many advantages that one would like to avail, it is still an illegal platform at the end of the day. To avoid any commotion that may occur due to your streaming of movies on the site, we have come up with a list of legal alternatives to the dvdrockers.

1. Open culture

This site is known for its Korean drama collection. It may not have a variety of languages of films available for its users, but has a huge variety of genres in the limited language collection. Furthermore, the movies contain subtitles. It makes it easier for people who do not know the language to follow the films. Not only films the site contains quite a few of the successfully running television and web series of Korea as well.

2. The Internet Archive

The name itself suggests a plethora of movies that might be available on the said site. That is true as well. You can find abundant collections of movies from all over the world, in various languages, and of course, about a wide diversity of genres. The site is also quite simple to handle for people to access their access easily.

3. YouTube

This is one of the largest platforms to share, download, and view content on. Starting from short funny videos to critically acclaimed short films YouTube has everything to lift a person’s mood. You can watch movies of old times as well as the latest ones that have premiered recently. It also provides you with a library of anime series, web series, and song videos that you can watch in your free time. 

4. Pluto TV

This site has an interesting approach to serve its users. It has a collection of hundreds of channels that one can choose from. All of these channels are specialized in various types of content starting from movies to sports. It, therefore, lets you stream any kind of content that you desire. The only major drawback of the site is that you may miss out on some content while enjoying one. But then again, you can never have it all. 

5. Kanopy

The best part of this site? It consists of zero advertisements. You can stream all the movies that you want and enjoy an unhindered and an undisrupted watching experience. The site has content based on researches with various top-notch libraries and universities regarding the best kinds of movies. There is hence a very low possibility of something going wrong or being amiss with its collection of movies.

6. Retrovision

If you are a digger for classic hits then this is your one-stop destination. Be it a movie of any language or any genre Retrovision is sure to serve it on your plate. Old movies have a certain charm that the new ones lack quite vividly. Retrovision helps to keep the charm alive via maintaining its extravagant library of classics of the cinema world in good streaming quality as well. 

7. Crackle

One of the best alternatives that someone could ask for in this case is crackle. It is free, and legal and contains what could be referred to as a treasure for a passionate movie buff. It consists of diverse quality and genre of movies in various languages. Crackle is also quite easy to handle and thus a good choice for people who are not quite acquainted with the internet as well. 

8. Viu

This site contains both free movies as well as movies that you can watch after subscribing to the site as well. It is however not mandatory for you to subscribe to the site. The subscribed version of the site will contain more items and a better quality of movies as well. You can also call off your subscription as and when you feel so. 

9. Vudu

This is not exactly a movie streaming site. It lets you rent various kinds of movies from the site. The site also has a collection of movies that you can stream online. But the collection of movies in this case would become a bit limited. Nevertheless, the service you would get would be top grade in its limitedness as well from aspects of its quality. Vudu is more like the traditional television that you can watch with your entire family. The site ends are also a great way to enjoy some quality time with your family, which is so very difficult in recent times.

10. PopCornFlix

This is one of the most popular sites that are free but legal. You can hence expect a bit of traffic in accessing the site. However, the collection of movies that it has made the slight hustle worth it. Not just movies, but the site is quite rich in its collection of television shows, series, and various other contents as well. The best part of browsing Popcornflix is that the site is quite well maintained. You would have no problem accessing the exact kind of content that you desire.

11. Eros Now

Who hasn’t heard of Eros Now! It’s a widely known streaming platform where you can find the latest blockbusters, music videos, and web series in HD quality. It features a unique collection of content which is a major reason for its rising popularity. Content of various kinds is available here. You can stream drama movies, comedy ones, horror films, etc. You can also find content in several languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, etc. This platform offers accessibility at the minimal price of Rs. 99 per month. At this low rate, users can get access to its updated website, the latest content and can also enjoy streaming and downloading. 

12. Veoh

Another movie streaming platform that offers uninterrupted entertainment to viewers is Veoh. Though this site had faced severe controversies in the past, it continues to operate. Browsing throughout Veoh is smooth and flawless. Its user interface is extremely friendly. It has categorised content, making it easier for viewers to look for their desired content. You can find content based on genres, language, year of release, IMDb rating, actors starring, etc. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can search for it in the search bar. Content available on Veoh is mostly user uploaded. However, the developers ensure that there’s no case of copyright infringement. 

13. CW Seed

CW Seed is another content streaming site that also has an app version for mobile users. Viewers can choose to subscribe or watch its content for free. The subscribed version offers a plethora of content to all viewers. Content ranges from Hollywood, Bollywood to blockbuster regional content. You can find movies, web series, popular documentaries, biopics, and whatnot on this site. Besides that, the site brings together content from various genres, thus giving people diverse choices. People are sure to find content as per their preferences. This site offers a completely satisfying movie streaming experience because of its high quality of content.  


Is Dvdrockers an illegal website?

Yes, it is an illegal website. By a recent order passed by the Indian Government, whoever is caught browsing the site can be legally punished for doing so. 

Is dvdrockers a safe site?

No, the site was not a very safe and secure platform. It was a torrent movie watching site and lagged the security of any other legal sites. 

Do the alternatives listed consume a lot of data?

We have tried to keep the list free of any platform that would use up a lot of your data pack. You can however always check the same before downloading or installing it.

Are the alternatives listed safe?

Yes, the listed alternatives are quite safe and secured. However, it is advised to not give any personal information on any of the sites if and when asked.

Do any of the alternatives require subscription fees?

Most of the sites that are listed above as alternatives to Dvdrockers, do not require any subscription fees. However, if you want, you can subscribe to various plans on some of the sites enlisted to get access to a better list of movies. 


Plagiarism in any form is an act that must be condemned. In an order issued by the Indian government in recent times, any and every torrent site has been declared illegal. Any person who is caught streaming content on any such site, including dvdrockers can be punished in the best interest of the law. We in no way encourage or support such acts of online piracy. Every piece of information provided here is for the only purpose of educating the readers about the site, dvdrockers, and some of its legal alternatives.