Downy Unstoppables Commercial Old Lady Actress – Who Is It?

Downy Unstoppables Commercial Old Lady Actress – Who Is It?

Do you often watch television and keep up with the commercials too? Chances are that you have seen the Downy Unstoppables commercial that often airs on television and have been wondering who the old lady actress is that appears in the commercial.

In the commercial, you will often witness an old lady dancing to a 90’s song and while the commercial is quite fun and interesting, you can’t deny the fact that it’s riddled with a lot of questions, especially when it comes to the identity of the woman.

This article will explore more about the Downy Unstoppables commercial and who the old lady actress is.

What is the song in the Downy Unstoppables Commercial?

Before we introduce you to the old lady in the commercial, let us get a bit of the basics straightened out.

What song plays in the commercial? Well, if you are confused, it is one of the most popular tracks by Black Box called “Everybody, Everybody.” The song is sung by Martha Wash. When the song was released with Martha Wash as the feature, it experienced a lot of setbacks and controversies.

Later, to further popularize the song, it was re-released with Katrin Quinol featuring in the song. However, she didn’t sing the song herself and instead featured in it only.

Since Wash’s name was tied to a lot of controversies, a lot of the songs that she sang and released back in the 90s were re-released with a different feature where the new artist only lip-synced to the song. It did take away a lot of the credibility.

Do we have a name for the old lady appearing in the Downy Unstoppables Commercial?

Now that you have an idea about the Downy Unstoppable commercial and the song that plays in it, let us take you through what the song means.

Let us cut to the chase. If you have been browsing through different articles trying to figure out who the woman is, her name is Ren Kennedy. While she appeared in the commercial and caught the attention of the viewers, it didn’t make her a household name.

Most people didn’t even see her on the big screen until she cracked an audition and landed her debut role in the movie “The Robbery.” That was the big break that she needed to skyrocket her career in the right direction.

Following the success of that movie, Ren later acted in a few other movies, including Model Killers, Sunrise Aquarius, I am Victor, etc. All of them were semi-hits and brought her a lot of recognition and fans too from all the movies she acted in.


That solves the mystery related to the Downy Unstoppables Commercial and the old lady appearing in it. If you have been confused all this while and wondering who was in that commercial, we hope this gives you all the insights that you potentially need about Ren Kennedy and her career growth since that commercial.


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