Downton Abbey Season 7: In the Making to Conquer Hearts Once More

Downton Abbey Season 7

Over the years Downton Abbey has secured for itself a fan base that is spread across the globe. Downton Abbey first made an appearance way back in the year of 2010. It had at once become one of the most popular UK drama series at the time. While it had concluded a successful run of 6 seasons with a special wrapping-up episode in 2015, the enthusiastic fan base that it had secured by then urged them to produce two movie adaptations for the big screen as well.

Now, the fans want still more from the Crawleys. Is a following season in the making? If so, when is it expected to be released and who is to star in it? Here are some of these questions answered for you.

What is the release date for Downton Abbey Season 7?

After its first wrap in 2015, it was followed with two big-screen film adaptations of the series Downton Abbey. It is only natural for the fans to explore possibilities of a probable next season or a sequel just after a beloved series has announced its finale. However, for Downton Abbey the love and affection of its loyal fan base goes a lot deeper.

Even after almost a decade, fans are still waiting for a follow-up season of the series. While the creators of the show have not yet come up with any official updates regarding an upcoming season of Downton Abbey, rumors have started to spread regarding the same.

Even though no official date or announcement has yet been declared, the fans could almost certainly be sure of the next season of their beloved show to be in progress.

What would be the plot of Downton Abbey season 7?

The drama series Downton Abbey is set in the backdrop of the early 20th century.  The drama follows the illustrious Crawley family and their household, set, very obviously, in Downton Abbey. In a brilliant blend that portrays both aristocracy and servitude, the historical drama series brings to life an avid representation of time contemporary to its backdrop.

The best part about the series was perhaps how it blended brilliantly the historical events that took place at the time including the World War and the Titanic disaster and the effects that it had on the Crawley family and its staff. It is effective a bitter-sweet undertone throughout the episodes of this beloved series that hence toward various practical issues contemporary to the time, the impending fall of British nobility being one of them.

A loyal viewer of the series who has followed every episode of the show would know that there is little chance to deviate from this basic structure of the show. New twists and turns are however to be expected in the soon-to-be following season of the show.

Who could be the probable cast members in Downton Abbey Season 7?

The only issue that might pose some sort of a setback or change in some plot lines along the contours would be the fact that most of the actors who were involved in the show have now moved on to newer commitments. However, the majority of the cast could still be expected to remain the same.  There could be new and talented inclusions to the cast as well. No one list can therefore be created or finalized as of yet.

  • Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville

  • Elizabeth McGovern

Elizabeth McGovern

  • Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery

  • Laura Carmichael

  • Samantha Bond

Samantha Bond

  • Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

  • Penelope Wilton

Penelope Wilton

  • Allen Leech

Allen Leech


The trailer for an upcoming season of the show is yet to be released. Even though there are almost no official updates provided by the cast and crew of the show, the slight whispers regarding a 7th season of Downton Abbey being in the making seem to be enough for the fans to ignite their enthusiasm for this brilliant piece yet again.