DOM Season 3 – Is It Happening?

DOM Season 3

The Brazilian crime drama “Dom” has managed to garner a dedicated fanbase with its gripping portrayal of the real-life story of Pedro Dom, a young man who gets entangled in the dangerous world of Rio’s drug trade.

After two intense seasons, fans are eagerly awaiting the conclusion. There are rumours that the third season will be the end of it. So, if you are sitting there wondering what’s in store, be assured that you aren’t the only one.

To give you all the details, we will explore all the relevant insights about DOM Season 3 and its eventual release date.

When is DOM Season 3 Releasing?

Season 3 of Dom is set to premiere on May 24, 2024, exclusively on Prime Video. This final instalment will consist of eight episodes, each taking viewers deeper into the emotional rollercoaster that has become the Dantas family saga.

However, as you prepare yourself for the final season of this series, keep in account that you don’t miss out on exploring the first two seasons. There’s no point exploring the third season if you aren’t taking your time out to watch the first two seasons.

Also, the creators have expressed that the third season will be available with a lot of unexpected twists and turns that will leave you with your head turned.

What can we expect from DOM Season 3?

Season 3 picks up right where the previous season left off, with the stakes higher than ever. Pedro, now a fugitive on the run, finds himself seeking refuge in Rocinha, Rio’s largest favela. While desperately trying to evade capture by the police, he faces a new threat – the ruthless drug dealers who control the favela. 

Meanwhile, Pedro’s father, Victor Dantas, grapples with a devastating diagnosis of lung cancer. Despite his health struggles, Victor is determined to save his son. This season explores the powerful bond between father and son as they navigate a seemingly impossible situation.

Besides these, some of the other popular fan theories related to the upcoming season include:

  • The relentless pursuit of Pedro by the police takes centre stage this season. Expect heart-stopping action sequences as Pedro desperately tries to stay one step ahead of the authorities.
  • Dom ventures into the complex and dangerous world of Rocinha. We’ll see Pedro struggle to adapt to life on the fringes, constantly facing new dangers and moral dilemmas.
  • With Victor’s health deteriorating, the pressure mounts on Pedro to find a way out of his predicament. Season 3 promises a thrilling race against time as both father and son fight for their survival.
  • In the final season, Dom promises to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Pedro’s story. Whether he finds redemption or succumbs to the darkness remains to be seen.

Who is cast in DOM Season 3?

The final season of DOM will return with all the leading characters in the show to provide closure to all. This would include:

  • Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom 
  • Flavio Tolezani as Victor Dantas 
  • Raquel Villar as Viviane 
  • Filipe Bragança as Claudio
  • Isabella Santoni as Leona