Did Hellman’s Change Their Recipe 2024? Unveiling All the Details

Did Hellman's Change Their Recipe 2022? Unveiling All the Details

When you think of the famous condiment mayonnaise, you most likely think of Hellman’s. The brand has been around for ages now and people have most likely gotten used to the taste and texture of the creamy mayo.

However, recently, some reports have surfaced depicting that Hellman’s might have changed the recipe for their mayonnaise, which has led to people believing that they have either changed the ingredients or the way they make the condiment.

If you are wondering if that’s the case, let us take a deeper dive into checking if Hellman’s has done something different with their mayonnaise.

What are the Consumers Saying about Hellman’s Mayonnaise?

People who have dedicatedly consumed Hellman’s mayonnaise have complained about witnessing differences in the taste and the texture too.

Some consumers suggest that the original recipe of Hellman’s mayo was thicker and creamier, which has completely changed in recent years. Instead of having that hold and thickness to the condiment has become runnier, depicting that the liquid content has probably increased.

Most of the consumers that blindly relied on Hellman’s mayonnaise before have reported that the new formulation has somehow ended up making things worse for them and the brand too. When they compared the taste and texture with the other brands, it didn’t fare well at all.

Has Hellman’s Changed the Mayonnaise Recipe?

With all these allegations and reports, Slate’s reporter wanted to testify the truth and find out what’s going on behind the scenes, which is why they directly contacted Unilever, the brand that’s responsible for manufacturing Hellman’s mayo.

Thankfully, the representatives from the company responded and confirmed that there have been no changes to the formula or recipe at all. They have clarified that the team has not made a single change to the recipe or the ingredients they add to the mayonnaise.

So, what’s the truth? Why are the consumers able to taste a difference in the taste when Hellman’s has reportedly not changed anything about their product in the past decade or so?

What is the Real Truth?

In a quest to further unveil the truth, Chris Phillips reached out to Hellman’s representative to find out what’s changed about their mayonnaise recipe.

One of the representatives confirmed that there have been a few slight modifications made to the recipe to increase the product’s shelf life and stability. For that, the brand has increased the sodium levels in the product slightly.

Not just that, the recipe also adds whole eggs and egg yolks too in the recipe to improve the product stability. Whether or not these changes have contributed to the drastic difference in the taste of the mayonnaise remains a mystery.


There have been slight modifications made by Hellman’s to their mayonnaise recipe, so it makes sense for people to be curious about the change in the taste and texture. If you are a fan of this condiment and have been wondering what’s changed, we hope this explains the issues.


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