Did AI Burns In Unforgettable Die?

Did AI Burns In Unforgettable Die?

If you have watched the show Unforgettable, you already know who AI Burns is. He is the lead character who works as a detective for the New York City Police Department. Viewers also know him as Carrie’s ex-boyfriend.

After watching the show, the audience is left with the question – Did AI Burns die in Unforgettable? If you are also curious to know what happened to AI Burns, you should give this post a read.

A Little about AI Burns

Al Burns, a character in the Unforgettable series, serves as a Detective in the New York City Police Department. He shares a history with his partner, Carrie, having initially partnered with her at the Syracuse Police Department.

In Syracuse, Carrie faced challenges with her former partner, who exploited her efforts. Recognizing her potential, Al made her his partner, and their professional relationship gradually evolved into a romantic one.

Their collaboration extended to a murder case involving Carrie’s sister, Rachel Wells. Carrie decided to resign and move to New York after the investigation was closed. 

Al, later on, followed suit, securing a position with the NYPD. The two of them meet again when Al finds out about Carrie’s involvement in a case. They once again joined forces after AI asked her to help him solve the case.

Even after ending their romantic relationship, Al remains deeply protective of Carrie.

AL’s Fate In The Unforgettable Series

In the Unforgettable series, the focus shifts to the fate of Al, a character who plays a crucial role in the story. Tessa Connover grapples with emotional instability while attempting to come to terms with her ex-husband’s engagement with a new woman named Julia Banks.

Tessa’s life takes a dark turn as Julia starts living in the house that she shared with her ex-husband. To get back her ex-husband, Tessa starts harassing and stalking Julia. She resorts to all sorts of desperate methods to teach Julia a lesson.

Amidst this chaos, Al a childhood friend of Julia, enters the scene, becoming an unexpected confidant for Tessa. Al, known for his kindness and gentle nature, becomes a stabilizing force in Tessa’s chaotic life. He helps her regain sanity and urges her to let her ex-husband go. However, tragedy strikes when, in a fit of rage, Tessa kills AI by pushing him off a balcony.

Exploring The Truth Of AI’s Death

In the series, it’s not clear if Al died after falling. In the last scene, we see him lying still, but we don’t know how badly he is hurt.

People watching the show have different ideas. Some think Al didn’t make it, while others believe he might have survived. 

Final Words

The show doesn’t give a definite answer about what happened to Al. Whether you think Al lived or not, his death shows how serious Tessa’s actions were and teaches us about the importance of letting go of things that consume us. This story makes us think about the results of our choices and why it is crucial to move on from our fixations.


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