Daisy Marie Net Worth 2023 – Breaking Down the Wealth of the Adult Star

Daisy Marie Net Worth

Modeling and social media stars have gained immense fame and popularity and one name that deserves a special mention in the list is Daisy Marie. She has risen to fame with her amazing social media and online presence.

Besides cementing her place as a curvy model in the industry, Daisy has further ventured into social media and is an Instagram model who shared sensuous images on her Instagram profile. She also stars in adult entertainment movies, further catapulting her fame.

This article will dive into exploring more about Daisy Marie, her growing net worth, and the kind of career she has made for herself over the years.

Early Life

Daisy Marie was born on February 06, 1984. She was named Brittania Ochoa at birth and was born in Glendale, California. She grew up in a Catholic family who were extremely religious. Although she was born in California, Daisy spent the majority of her childhood growing up in Salem, Oregon.

Besides that, Daisy also spent a few years living alongside her family in Zacatecas, Mexico. While we don’t know anything in specific about her parents and family, she has revealed in multiple interviews that Daisy lost her virginity at an early age.

Following that is when she decided to pursue her career more seriously. That’s when she ventured into the field of bikini modeling at the age of 15. It was questioned by her friends and family but she ventured into it and have acquired immense success.

Personal Life

Daisy Marie has a very private life and prefers to keep it that way. She doesn’t like her personal life publicized by the media, especially because of the kind of career she has. This is one of the main reasons why her fans have no idea about who she’s dating at the moment.


Although not clarified or confirmed, it is believed that Daisy kickstarted her career as a bikini model at the age of 15. It raised a lot of eyebrows but she was confident in what she was doing in her career.

A few years later after modeling for small and big brand names, Daisy decided to take things up a notch, and by 2002, is when she started acting in adult entertainment movies. She worked in some of the most explicit movies and modeling campaigns.

Besides appearing in multiple adult entertainment shows and movies, Daisy has also worked with one of the highest-rated adult photographers, Suze Randall. This helped her gain mainstream popularity and even network with the right kind of people.

Daisy has also worked with Holly Randall for her fitness brand, Fantasy Fitness. With the kind of impression, she has left in the adult entertainment industry, it isn’t surprising that she has been nominated for a variety of awards.

Some of the most popular ones include AVN Awards, Best New Starlet, Best Solo Sex Scene, Best Tease Performance, etc. Until now, Daisy has acted in 400+ adult movies, which is nothing short of an achievement when you come to think of it. 

Besides garnering a lot of fame in the adult entertainment industry, Daisy has also appeared in different music videos, including Disco Inferno by 50 Cent Music and Rockstar by Nickelback. 

Daisy has also appeared in different television and talk shows, including the Howard Stern Show, being one of them.

Net Worth

Daisy Marie has an estimated net worth between $1-$3 million, which she earned through her adult entertainment career. Besides that, Daisy is also a social media personality and utilizes her fanbase to endorse brands and products. This further escalates her income.