Here’s What You Should Know About Cuevana 


Everybody needs entertainment in some of the other forms. It can be watching shows or movies on TV to playing different games. It is largely dependent on the lifestyle of the schedule. Kids have ample leisure time and so they have a lot of options for refreshment. However, adults might not always have a lot of options to go for in their free time. The ultimate option is watching movies or TV shows in the amount of time you get. Watching the shows on TV can sometimes be tough when you are not at home. 

Cuevana is one such popular website that has a huge collection of HD movies and shows. It has a user-friendly interface with simple options which are easy to be chosen by the users. Some best features of this site include no advertisements or interruptions while playing a video. 

What is Cuevana?


Cuevana is a website that originated in Argentina around the year 2009. The content on this website can be availed in local languages along with Spanish subtitles. It comprises a collection of HD movies. This is because whenever a movie gets released, the prints which are available online instantly are of low quality and for the high-quality print to come to the market, it might take up to 30 days. 

On Cuevana, you can only find the search results if it is available in HD quality. If the HD print is not available, it shows you sorry not found. The functioning of Cuevana is very simple. There are a lot of other sites which upload similar kind of movies. Cuevana relates and shares its content on its website making it easier for you to get access to high-quality content only. Because of this option, the users get the accessibility to stream different servers based on playback. 

Features of Cuevana 

The features which make the Cuevana website stand apart from the rest are mentioned below as follows: 

  • It has an easy to use and navigable user interface 
  • It features only HD quality content 
  • It shows only relevant search results 
  • It offers a free streaming service
  • It offers high-speed downloads
  • It doesn’t ask you to share your details 

Categories offered on Cuevana: 

You will be surprised to know about the categories offered on the Cuevana website. So, here are the categories: 

  • Anime
  • Spanish movies
  • Latino movies 
  • Spanish TV shows with English subtitles 
  • Animated movies 
  • New movies 
  • Old classic movies 

Steps to access the Cuevana app:

As because the Cuevana app is not available in the Playstore for a few locations, you can try downloading it in the Apk version and the steps to do the same are mentioned below: 

  • Search for Cuevana apk
  • Click on the download option after which you will find the download to start 
  • Once the file has been downloaded, save it to your device 
  • For installing the apk file, you will have to make a few changes in the settings of your device.
  • Go to settings, search security, and privacy options, and enable the option of installation from unknown sources.
  • You will find a prompt that has to be clicked upon.
  • The apk can now be installed without any trouble. 
  • Move to the folder to search for the file and install it. 

You can follow the steps mentioned above to download and install the apk version of Cuevana if you don’t find it in the Google play store. 

Alternatives of Cuevana:

Since the Cuevana website has been down lately, the users have started looking for its alternatives. So, here are some popular alternatives to Cuevana that must be given a try: 


For the ones who are searching got a single website where they can stream all the newest and most popular TV shows along with some evergreen classical movies, this website is going to be the ultimate option. This website offers links for all the content it features and the users don’t have to face a lot of trouble in the process of streaming or downloading their desired content. It also keeps adding the latest episodes regularly so that you don’t miss out on any episode. You must keep in mind that the maximum portion of the content can be watched only in Spanish, although sometimes you can find them with English subtitles. Sometimes, you can also find advertisements to interrupt your streaming experience, but that is not a major drawback because when your video starts playing, advertisements stop popping up. 


This website lets you stream the content through its app version or the website itself. With Megadede you can get access to a wide range of content which may include movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. It is very simple to use and is overloaded with a unique feature that is sure to make your experience even more exciting. Some of its distinctive features include the offline save mode so that you can watch your desired content anytime later. There are a lot of reasons why this streaming service provider is liked by the users. Whenever you have found a movie or TV show, you can find a lot of options for streaming or downloading the content. You can also make several choices like source, quality, and the language in which you want to watch the content. Hence, this website can undoubtedly be a good choice. 


This is another useful website that can provide you with an easily navigable user interface on your desktop. You can watch different shows and series on this website and you can also use the search bar to search for some specific shows or movies. The main focus of this website is on Spanish shows, but you can find a lot of Latino links too. If you want to watch them in English, you can try the subtitles. When you browse the website, you can come across advertisements that may sometimes notify the anti-virus in your device. You can assume that you already have one, you must take the necessary steps to stop hazardous links from attacking your device. 


This streaming service can be accessed as an Android app as well as a website. It provides you access to a variety of content in which Spanish TV shows and movies both are included. You can stream as well as download the content in high-quality visuals for free. Overall, it proves to be a good alternative to the Cuevana website. Similar to other websites of this kind, on this website also you can come across advertisements, but that is not a drawback because what matters is that you get free accessibility to watch whatever you like. However, it is advised to use a VPN with this specific website. 

5. is a website as well as an Android app that lets you access a wide range of content. The user interface of this website is very easy to work with and you can search for your desired content with ease. Through this platform, you can access a whole new range of TV shows, series, etc. The links offered on this website are of high quality and when you use them to stream or download the content, you can watch your desired content in high-quality visuals. This is another popular website that can be reliably used as an alternative to Cuevana. 

6. Seriesgato. Xyz

This website offers the users access to original Spanish content. You can find numerous TV shows with English subtitles on this website. A drawback of this website is that you cannot find movies on this website, so you have to look for other websites for watching movies. Also, if you want to utilize this website to the best, you will have to disable the ad blocker on your device because if the ad blocker is not disabled, it won’t let the website function properly. The content on this website is arranged very systematically which makes it easy for the users to access it. 


This website can be your go-to website if you are searching for a website with all the newest movies as well as a few classical movies. This platform also has a separate library which can be compared to the section of movies on some of the similar websites. It also offers you several links to download your desired content in 1080p. A limitation of this website is that the users have to get registered to use this website and this website only features movies and no series and TV shows. 

8. Hulu 

Hulu is another streaming service provider that is subscription-based but can be used to watch some of the free content. You can find an extensive array of content featured on this website. It features an exciting range of movies, TV shows, series, etc. There are subscription plans offered by this website and you can choose the suitable one from the plans offered. Certainly, it presents as a good alternative to the Cuevana website. 


This website has a properly designed user interface, a wide array of TV shows and movies, and the potential of streaming and downloading Latino and Spanish content with English subtitles. This is one of the best alternatives of Cuevana and it can be used without any risks. An extra benefit of this website is that there is a separate Netflix section on this website and this section lets you stream or download all the Netflix originals in high-quality visuals. You can download its Android application very easily and as soon as you complete the installation, it starts running. 


Offering links to a great range of Spanish and Latino content, Seriez. co can be a feasible choice as an alternative to Cuevana. You can view every content up to 1080p through its website and you can also navigate across the website with a lot of ease. Frequent advertisements are coming up on this website, but you can close them whenever they come up. Advertisements are a common thing on such a streaming website and you have to deal with them if you want to access free content. However, this website is a good choice for users. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cuevana

1. Is Cuevana a legitimate website? 

Many users have put up this question and the only way in which it can be answered is that the legality of this website largely depends on the fact that you live in which country. It has been banned in some countries where it is considered illegal. 

2. Why is the Cuevana website down?

The Cuevana website is down because of the very high traffic that it was experiencing from the users. However, of late, the developers have been trying to fix it by changing the domain. 

3. Can Cuevana be accessed through all browsers? 

Cuevana can be accessed using any browser on your phone. All you need to do is type the name of the website on your browser and click on search. 

4. Are there any more legal alternatives to Cuevana?

There are some more legal alternatives of Cuevana which can also be used instead of it. However, 10 legal alternatives of Cuevana have been talked about in this post and you can use all of them with ease. 

5. Are these websites available as an application too?

Some websites out of the ones mentioned above have an application version, but the majority of them can be accessed only as a website. 


Because of the rising concerns associated with the functioning of the Cuevana website, the users are advised not to use this website anymore. They can avail of a similar or rather an even better experience by working with the alternatives of the Cuevana website. Some very reliable alternatives to this website have been discussed in this post above. Hence, by the advisory issued by government officials, it is better to stop using these websites because they can possess a severe threat to your device and your files too. So, using legal alternatives happens to be a better option. 


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