Cool Wallpapers: Free HD Download – Enhance your Lock screen with the Cool Wallpapers

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As human beings, we are a creature of habit. But we are also people who love customization and personalization. It’s convenient and makes things a lot more organized for us. So, when it comes to sprucing up the look of our smartphones or desktop, having access to cool wallpaper isn’t too much to ask for.

But what defines“cool wallpaper”? To be fair, it is a subjective experience. Everyone’s perception and definition of cool are subjective. This means that what works for one might not work in the same way for someone else.

If you are sitting there wondering how to get your hands on some cool wallpapers, we have all the information lined up for you.

Top Cool Wallpapers

Best Popular Cool Wallpapers (1)

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What are the Best Platforms to get Cool Wallpaper?

When you think about cool wallpapers, your first instinct is to go on Google and search for them. But, ideally, the first thing we’d recommend you do is to define what “cool” means for you.

Is it something related to the prints and textures in the image? Do you like animation and think those are cool?

Once you know what kind of cool wallpapers you are looking for, it becomes a lot easier for you to scour the internet for the relevant wallpapers.

Some of the best platforms to source cool wallpapers are:

  • Tumblr

Again, we can’t emphasize this enough but if you are looking for some unique and exclusive wallpaper for your desktop or mobile, Tumblr is a hidden gem for cool wallpapers. Most people don’t realize how diverse this microblogging website is. So, look up some great ones using the relevant keyword and download the one that strikes your liking.

  • Free image websites

There are multiple free image websites like Unsplash, Freepik, Pexels, etc. that house some of the most amazing wallpapers in HD quality. What you can do is search for cool wallpapers on these platforms and directly downloads them to your device.

  • Google search

Another way and likely the most common platform to get your hands on some cool wallpaper is by running a quick Google search. They are available in abundance, meaning that you can find a variety of options. Always download HD-quality wallpapers.

Things to Consider Before Downloading Cool Wallpapers

When downloading cool wallpapers to set as a home screen or lock screen, we’d recommend you keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Avoid downloading wallpapers that have a watermark splashed across it
  • Avoid downloading wallpapers that aren’t in HD quality
  • Avoid downloading wallpapers from paid websites because they will most likely have a watermark on them after you download them

With so many different websites and platforms available, it isn’t surprising that finding cool wallpapers for your PC or mobile isn’t going to be hard. Just ensure that you keep a check on the source you are downloading it from. Also, if you are downloading them, keep a check on the resolution and size of the image. The last thing you want is for the image to appear pixelated. 


1. How does one define cool wallpapers?

The definition of “cool” is subjective. While some enjoy nature and find it cool, some find historical events on wallpaper cool. So, it all fizzles down to what you like and how you’d define cool to find the wallpapers of your choice.

2. Can I find cool wallpapers online?

Cool wallpapers are available online in abundance. You can find a pretty good collection in this article itself. If it isn’t something to your liking, you always have the choice to go ahead and find cool wallpapers on Google or other social media platforms.

3. Can I create cool wallpapers?

If you have a vision for how you wish to have cool wallpapers on your phone or desktop, we’d recommend you go ahead and either draw one from scratch or you can also go ahead and sort one out using the editing tools available on the internet.

4. Where can I find cool monochrome wallpapers?

If black and white is your jam, we have sorted a few of them in this article. However, if that’s not something you wish to do, we’d recommend you go ahead and look some up online on the search engines.