Consider Your Selfie: Can the Perfect Photo Really Make or Break an Influencer?

Consider Your Selfie: Can the Perfect Photo Really Make or Break an Influencer?

Consider Your Selfie

A well-crafted selfie taken by an influencer can direct thousands of new followers to their site or even land them a deal with a big-name brand or company. But it’s not the early 2000s anymore, and any good influencer worth their hashtag knows that there’s more to a good selfie than peace signs, duck face, and hotdog legs.

Initially, selfies were low-quality photos taken on mobile phones that didn’t have internet access. Now influencers can heavily filter their images and then post on the go with just one click, ensuring their continued popularity.

No social media platform is without selfies in their thousands, and Influencers are now competing with celebrities embracing the selfie in a big way. We all remember Ellen Degeneres’s Oscar selfie, Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala bathroom selfie, and celebrity crazes such as #wokeuplikethis.

So, how do successful influencers move with the times and keep their selfies relevant in an over-saturated market?

They sell a lifestyle

sell a lifestyle

As shown by ExpressVPN’s study, despite a whopping 93 million selfies being taken every year, we’re not ready to give them up yet- the selfie is definitely here to stay. Influencers, therefore, need to make sure they continue to stand out as their followers expect more than a close-up of a perfectly made-up face to keep them interested.

A selfie has to tell the influencer’s story; it’s about capturing themselves immersed in their culture or showcasing what they are about.

Go to the selfies of any mindfulness influencer, such as a yoga mat, lots of natural light, a relaxed-looking dog, and plenty of potted plants. There certainly won’t be any selfies of them on a crowded London tube. If an influencer wants to remain influential, it’s important that they reflect what they’re about at all given times. We like to think that they’re always sitting in that white room, water bottle in hand, looking peaceful and relaxed. Seeing them stressed out, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of commuters out on the Central Line on a Monday morning, just wouldn’t feel right!

They know their limits

There’s no denying that savvy selfies are key when it comes to the marketing strategy of an influencer. Unless an influencer already has hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s unlikely that Emirates will give them a free flight just because they’ve posted a selfie while enjoying their in-flight snacks. However, as shown in an article by Wisebread, the complimentary samples may start arriving sooner than you’d think.

If an influencer has a reasonable number of followers, it is possible that business owners may be willing to give something in exchange for a bit of promotion. Micro-influencers will tend to avoid the chains and try posting some well-placed selfies featuring smaller businesses or local amenities in the hope of blagging a free cocktail or two.

They believe in a cause

It would be horribly cynical to think that all influencers post selfies to simply direct more traffic or blag a freebie. Since the late 2010s, there has been an increase in influencers posting selfies to amplify voices, express support for charitable causes and raise social awareness around societal issues.

believe in a cause

Thousands of influencers posted their selfies to show their support for the #MeToo movement and an article by the Guardian Newspaper revealed that the Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $100m in a 30-day period.

They remain relatable

Whilst we might still enjoy seeing the odd selfie of one of the Kardashians posing in a walk-in wardrobe bigger than the average living room, more and more of us are turning to influencers who seem that bit more relatable. Recently selfies have shifted towards showcasing no-makeup looks and promoting body positivity and authenticity. By employing fewer filters and avoiding staged poses, influencers give the sense that they are inviting us in and allowing us to gain a glimpse into their lives instead of creating a photo shoot for their gain.

What can we take away?

There’s a lot to be learned from the use of selfies by influencers. We’re getting bored of the showboating and overly filtered images, and we can see through the selfies that are simply out to get free stuff! Whether you’re aiming for followers in their thousands or simply want to share with family and friends, make sure the selfies you’re posting are authentic. They simply show the real you and reflect the story you want to tell; the rest will care for themselves.