Code 404 Season 4 – Is Detective Carver Returning?

Code 404 Season 4

The British sci-fi comedy “Code 404” blew away the audience’s minds with a refreshing take on humor and detective. With three successful seasons, the creators are worried about when the show will return with a new season.

The show followed Detective Inspector John Major, brought back to life using experimental AI after being killed in the line of duty. Partnered with the enhanced DI Roy Carver, they tackled bizarre cases in a near-future London.

If you are curious to unfold more information about Code 404 Season 4 following its abrupt ending with the third season, we will discuss it all in this guide.

When is Code 404 Season 4 Releasing?

Multiple news outlets have hinted at the possibility of Code 404 not returning with Season 4. There are several reasons as to why this could be happening.

Daniel Mays has mentioned in multiple interviews as well that the possibility of this show returning with a brand-new season in the future doesn’t seem likely and the main reason is because the creators feel like they have managed to conclude narrating their story with the first three seasons.

Official news from Sky Network has also indicated a cancellation of the show in August 2022, so there seems to be no further room for argument. Besides the creators hinting that their story has come to an end, some of the sources also suggest that scheduling conflicts with the lead actors, Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays, ultimately led to its demise.

What can we expect from Code 404 Season 4?

Let us preface this with the fact that Code 404 has been canceled and a fourth season isn’t going to happen anytime in the future.

So, what can we expect from the upcoming seasons? Are there chances that the show might have picked up from where they ended the third season? To be fair, the possibilities are quite heightened.

All that said, there are a few theories exploring what could have possibly happened if the show were to return with Season 4 sometime in the future. We’d just have to explore those in the meantime:

  • Season 3 explored the ethical and societal implications of advanced AI. Season 4 could have delved deeper into this theme, showcasing the further integration of AI into society and the challenges it poses.
  • The dynamic between DI John Major (Stephen Graham) and DI Roy Carver (Daniel Mays) remained a highlight. A potential season 4 could have explored their personal lives and professional growth as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of crime and technology.
  • The show thrived on its unique blend of humor and suspense. Season 4 could have introduced fresh criminal cases and technological enigmas, keeping the audience engaged.

Who is returning to Code 404 Season 4?

The renewal and return of Code 404 Season 4 isn’t happening, as per the official sources. So, to speculate a possible return of the show at this point seems farfetched.

Following are the cast members that are likely to return if a new season happens:

  • Stephen Graham as DI Roy Carver. 
  • Daniel Mays as DI John Major. 
  • Rosie Cavaliero as DCS Dennett. 
  • Anna Maxwell Martin as Dr. Kelly Major. 
  • Amanda Payton as Dr. Alison Parfit. 
  • Michelle Greenidge as PC/DS Judith Papastathopoulos. 
  • Richard Gadd as Liam Cleasby. 
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman as Helen Chalmers


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