Class Of ‘07 Season 2 – Is the Amazon Original Series Returning?

Class Of ‘07 Season 2

Finding fun, educational, and original content can be a challenge, especially when it comes to good web series. Class of ‘07 is one of the most popular shows that were released in 2023, acquiring a steady fanbase in a short period.

This Amazon Original series has gained a lot of views ever since the first episode premiered. The fresh and clean plot of this show has managed to acquire the attention of the audience and rightfully so. If you are one of those viewers who has been looking for more insights about the Class of ‘07 Season 2 and the future of the show, we have all the insights lined up.

When is Class of ‘‘07 Season 2 Releasing?

Coming to the direct question that you most likely have been waiting for, when is the show returning with Season 2?

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been long since the last episode of Class of ‘‘07 Season 1, which means that it will be a while until we get confirmation regarding the release of Season 2. However, with the kind of popularity that the show has gained after the first two seasons, it is safe to assume that it might return with a second season.

Prime Video has not commented anything about the show’s return with the second season yet. We also don’t have any official reports about the show’s renewal status for the second season, so that’s a huge disappointment as well.

There are estimations that the platform and creators are awaiting more insights regarding the overall watch hours and season completion rates to confirm the fate of the show in the future, so that’s something we’d have to look forward to exploring.

What will be the plot of Class of ‘‘‘07 Season 2?

With the potential release and renewal status of Class of ‘‘07 Season 2 out of the way, let us shift our focus on the plot and what you can expect from the show in the coming days.

The elements of blending the prospect of the world ending with a high school reunion is not the kind of storyline that anyone expected but it has taken the world up by a storm.

With none of the characters departing despite the shortcomings they are faced with, we can expect to see all the OG characters return to the show in the next season, which will be a fun thing to catch up on. 

The end of season 1 where the girls meet their potential rescuers and manage to get themselves out of the doom on the boats seems to be the start of something new and not the end of the show. Many viewers have shared that there is a lot of advancement that can be done to the plot from the ending.

So, it will be interesting to see how things progress in Season 2.

Who will return on Class of ‘‘‘07 Season 2?

If you have watched the first season, you potentially know that all the characters are alive in the first season. So, if Season 2 was to happen, it would include all the main cast, including:

  • Emily Browning

Emily Browning

  • Caitlin Stasey

Caitlin Stasey

  • Emma Horn

Emma Horn

  • Sana’a Shaik

Sana’a Shaik

  • Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen

  • Megan Smart

Megan Smart

  • Claire Lovering

Claire Lovering

  • Steph Tisdell

Steph Tisdell

Whether or not Season 2 introduces new characters in pivotal and supporting roles will be a treat to watch as well.


What starts as light-hearted and fun soon takes a turn for the worse as you progress through the show. Class of ‘07 is one of those series that you start and don’t want to put down, come what may. If you have been curious about a second season, it seems like you’d have to wait for some time.


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