Christina Milian And Matt Pokora’s Older Son – Isaiah Tota

Christina Milian And Matt Pokora’s Older Son - Isaiah Tota

If you are familiar with famous singers, Christina Milian and Matt Pokora, chances are that you know for a fact that the couple became parents in 2020. The birth of their son was faced with a lot of media exposure, which led to people speculating more about the infant.

For those that aren’t aware, Christina Milian is a famous singer and songwriter who is known for being part of Jennifer Lopez’s album, Play. Matt, on the other hand, is a famous French singer. The two of them welcomed their first child, Isaiah Tota in 2020.

If you have been wondering about them, this article will be everything that you need to know about him in detail.

When was Isaiah Tota Born?

Isaiah Tota was born in January 2020 in Los Angeles, California. He was born into a multicultural family, where his father is of French descent and his mother is of Afro-Cuban descent.

He is currently three years old and seems to be the apple of his parent’s eyes. Both his mother and father are quite proud of showing him off on their individual social media handles. Born with a silver spoon and two celebrity parents, Isaiah is already a popular name among his parents’ fanbase.

Besides having famous parents, Isaiah also has popular grandparents, including Andre Tota, who was a famous professional footballer. Also, his maternal grandparents are Carmen Milian and Don Flores.

Does Isaiah Tota have Any Siblings?

With him being only 3 years old, reports suggest that Isaiah already has one sibling and one half-sibling.

Kenna Tota, who was born in 2021, is Isaiah’s sibling. Both of the siblings are being raised by their parents Matt Pokora and Christina Milian.

Furthermore, Isaiah has a half-sister, Violet Madison Nash, who is currently 12 years old. She is his sister from Christina’s previous marriage with Terius Youngdell Nash.

Christina’s daughter, Violet, is quite popular on social media and has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter, and even Tiktok.

When did Isaiah’s Parents Get Married?

Isaiah was born in 2020 and the same year Christina and Matt got married. According to reports, the couple tied the knot in December 2020. Their news about the marriage hasn’t been publicly confirmed yet.

But, even if they aren’t married, the two have been in a relationship since 2017 and seem to be going strong. The couple celebrated their relationship quite recently too. The couple met each other in 2017 and made their relationship public soon after. Later in 2019, the two announced that they were pregnant, followed by the birth of their son in 2020.

In their posts regarding each other, the two of them often refer to themselves as best friends, further restoring people’s faith in love.

Are Isaiah’s Parents Millionaires?

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that both of Isaiah’s parents are famous singers and songwriters. 

Both his parents have gained immense popularity over the years. Since both of them are accomplished singers, it is safe to assume that they are millionaires. According to reports, Christina has an estimated net worth of around $6 million while Matt has an estimated net worth of around $8 million.

What is Isaiah Pokora’s Net Worth?

Isaiah was born with a silver spoon, so it’s safe to assume that he has a pretty decent net worth altogether.

Both his parents are millionaires, which translates to the kind of overall net worth that he has. He is just a child now, so if we had to average things, Isaiah has a projected net worth between $5-$7 million. This is only an estimate, so we’d recommend to not take it seriously.