Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 – What’s The Update?

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5

The Duncans are back, balancing their respectable car dealership façade with the lucrative, yet perilous, drug empire hidden beneath. There have been a lot going on and with production likely happening, there’s not long before we get news about the show’s renewal.

While season 4 concluded with Orlando taking the reins of the family business, questions linger about the future. Will the Duncans navigate the criminal underworld unscathed? We will have to wait to unfold all of that in the fifth season.

To give you all the ideas, we will discuss everything there is to know about The Family Business Season 5 and its release date.

When is The Family Business Season 5 Releasing?

For those who are confused, BET is responsible for renewing and releasing the show. So, with no news about the show’s renewal from the network yet, it looks like the wait will be slightly longer than we anticipated.

Some of the sources did confirm that the creators and cast are already working and things are in motion. With production potentially underway, it isn’t going to be much longer since we get further details about the show’s renewal from the people associated.

Until then, you have four seasons that are already available on BET that you can stream at your convenience. Additionally, what you can do is keep an eye on their official social media channels to stay updated about the show’s future and what they have in store related to Season 5.

What can we expect from The Family Business Season 5?

Season 5 is expected to delve deeper into the consequences of Orlando’s leadership. Internal conflicts within the family may arise, challenging his authority. Meanwhile, external threats from rival gangs and law enforcement could escalate, pushing the Duncans to their limits. 

The family’s loyalty and unity will be tested as they navigate a web of betrayal, revenge, and desperate attempts to maintain their empire. Romance also promises to play a key role. We might see the development of new relationships or the rekindling of old flames, adding another layer of complexity to the characters’ lives. 

Additionally, flashbacks could shed light on the Duncans’ past, offering a deeper understanding of their motivations and the roots of their present predicament.

At this point, there’s so much left unexplored from Season 4 that needs to be touched upon in the fifth season. If you have finished watching the last season and you have questions that you feel were left unanswered, there are high chance that the same will be explored in the new season somewhere down the line.

Who is returning to The Family Business Season 5?

It doesn’t matter when The Family Business returns, we can remain hopeful that it will return with the recurring and primary cast from the past four seasons. Also, there are possibilities of a new addition to the cast but that won’t be unveiled until later.

Following are some of the people confirmed to return:

  • Alex Karras 
  • Cathryn Damon 
  • Chad Allen 
  • Corin Nemec 
  • Emmanuel Lewis 
  • Eugene Roche 
  • Henry Polic II 
  • Jack Kruschen 
  • Susan Clark
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