Candy Season 2 – When is the Thriller Series Returning?

Candy Season 2

Hulu’s “Candy” captivated audiences with its chilling portrayal of the 1980s axe murder case of Betty Gore. Jessica Biel’s enthralling performance as Candy Montgomery, the seemingly ideal housewife who committed the heinous act, resonated with viewers, leaving them wanting more.

However, the show was released as a “mini-series” on Hulu, which has left fans wondering if the show would even possibly return with a second season sometime in the future. It seems like less of a possibility at this point.

To simplify things, we have sorted out all the details that we have about Candy Season 2, its release date, and its return.

When is Candy Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Candy premiered on Hulu in May 2022 as a mini-series. This means that the fans were aware of the fact that it would be released as a limited series with no possibility of a return or renewal down the road.

Additionally, the series closely follows the real-life events of the Candy Montgomery case, leaving little room for further exploration in a subsequent season.

So, if you have been awaiting more news about Candy Season 2, be assured that it is most likely not happening. Even if the creators decided to renew and revive the show down the road, it would most likely follow an anthology series and depict a completely new story.

But, we don’t know anything for sure. Hulu has yet to comment anything about the show’s renewal or cancellation.

What can we expect from Candy Season 2?

While a traditional second season seems improbable, there are still avenues for Hulu to revisit the world of “Candy” in different ways. 

Here are a few possibilities: 

An anthology series: Each season could focus on a different true-crime case, retaining the miniseries format while capitalizing on the success of the “Candy” brand. 

A limited series: A follow-up series could explore the aftermath of the Candy Montgomery case, examining the long-term impact on the families and community involved. 

A documentary special: This format could offer a deeper dive into the real-life investigation, providing viewers with additional details and insights beyond the dramatized portrayal in the miniseries.

At this point, it is difficult to depict how or what things would look like in the future. We’d have to wait for Hulu to comment on the situation to get a better idea of things.

Who would return on Candy Season 2?

If Candy is renewed for a second season, we can hope to either see the beloved cast make a comeback or we’d have to see a completely new cast.

The original cast and crew, including Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey (Betty Gore), Pablo Schreiber (Allan Gore), and Robin Veith (writer and executive producer), haven’t confirmed their involvement in any potential future projects related to “Candy.” So, things do seem dicey.


The return of Candy Season 2 doesn’t seem like a possibility at this point and we have to keep a realistic point of view on the situation. If you have been wondering about its return, it looks like the wait will most likely not amount to anything.


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