Bosch Legacy Season 2 – Is the ‘Police Drama’ Renewed for a new Season?

Bosch Legacy Season 2

A police drama? An American police drama? Now, when you start with this premise, it’s quite common to feel like the series would be boring and not worth the watch. Well, that isn’t the case with Bosch Legacy. 

The debut season of the show aired on May 06, 2022, and has left the fans wanting more. Available on Amazon FreeVee, the show isn’t your typical police drama with expected twists and turns. Instead, it takes you along a ride.

This article will explore more about Bosch Legacy Season 2, its potential release date, plot, and the cast you can expect in the next season.

When is Bosch Legacy Season 2 Releasing?

If you have been patiently awaiting the release of Bosch Legacy Season 2, we have some good news for you.

Not only has Amazon renewed the show for a new season, but reports also suggest that the second season’s production is over as well. So, with all the episodes shot and ready, it is only a matter of time before the show’s second season will be released.

According to current speculations, the most potential release date will be the fall of 2023. So, potentially between August to November. We’ll keep you posted about that, so ensure that you bookmark this webpage.

What will be the Plot of Bosch Legacy Season 2?

As curious beings, it is common for us to be intrigued about the Bosch Legacy Season 2. You aren’t the only one with a similar thought process.

If we had to go through with the plot prediction, we’d have to say that Season 2 of the show will pick up right where the first season ended. 

The first season of the show involved a lot of cameos, so it’s safe to assume that the second would too. As for the overall summary of the plot of Season 2, it is pretty much impossible to predict. One quick easter egg is the fact that Michael Connelly, the show’s creator has hinted that they are currently in the process of using a plot from the book, “The Crossing.”

Connelly has confirmed that the second season of the show will include a variety of plotlines from this particular book. However, he has also confirmed that the show will introduce a lot of twists and turns that aren’t mentioned in the book, which means that the audience is definitely in for a ride.

Also, without giving too much away, we know for a fact that the first season of Bosch Legacy ended on a massive cliffhanger. So, we are pretty sure that the second season will follow Bosch as he tries to trace his path and solve the disappearance of Maddie. 

There are a lot of questions surrounding Maddie’s disappearance that are left unanswered in the first season and we are hoping that the same will be revealed in the second one. We might even get to know the reason behind her disappearance in the second season.

Who will be cast in Bosch Legacy Season 2?

The cast in Bosch Legacy is broken down into different sections. We have the main characters, supporting characters, and the cameos. With the first season leaving the majority of our favorite characters in place, we can hope they will all return in the second season too.

So, the expected cast for Bosch Legacy Season 2 will include:

  • Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers

  • Madison Lintz

Madison Lintz

  • Stephen Chang

Stephen Chang

  • Michael Rose

Michael Rose

  • Phil Morris

Phil Morris

  • William Devane

William Devane

  • Steven Flynn

Steven Flynn

  • Denise G. Sanchez

Denise G. Sanchez

  • Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston

Whether or not the show will include more cast will depend entirely on the plot of the show down the line.

Has the Trailer of Bosch Legacy 2 Released Yet?

Although Bosch Legacy is more or less confirmed to be released in 2023, we don’t have a trailer for the show yet. With rumors suggesting that the show will be released during the fall of 2023, we can hope that the trailer will be released a few weeks before that.

What we’d recommend you do in the meantime is check out the first season and wrap it up before the second season is released.

Where to Watch Bosch Legacy Season 2?

Bosch Legacy Season 2 is available on Amazon Freevee. The first season of the show is available on the streaming platform, where you can watch it if you have a subscription availed. Binge-watch the first season in the meantime.


Bosch Legacy Season 2 is all set to be released in the fall of 2023. If you have been awaiting its release excitedly, the wait won’t be any longer. For all the latest updates, we’d suggest that you keep an eye peeled on his webpage because we will update you with all the latest information. Ideally, we’d recommend that you binge-watch the first season before the second season is here.