Bluey Season 4 – Is the Show Returning with A New Season?

Bluey Season 4 – Is the Show Returning with A New Season

Finding family-friendly animated series at the present date has become close to impossible. We are either thrust with animated shows that are too serious or show that is targeted toward children. Bluey is a perfect balance of both, making it a show that everyone can sit together and watch.

Owing to this, the show has been renewed multiple times and has three successful seasons under its belt. Now, the audience is waiting for the release of the fourth season. What’s great about the show is the engaging storytelling, which captivates not just the younger people but the older ones too.

Bluey Season 4

This article will further look into the status of Bluey Season 4, its release date, potential plot, and the cast list too.

When is Bluey Season 4 Releasing?

Bluey Season 4 Release Date

One of the main reasons the majority of the audience is perplexed about the show’s renewal is due to the floating rumors in 2022. There were rumors that the show won’t be returning with a new season in 2022, which left the audience pretty disappointed.

Bluey’s official Twitter account has confirmed that those rumors are false and that the network and creators aren’t going to cancel the show now. The Australian animated series, which has won Emmy Awards too, is a public favorite. So, it wouldn’t be wise to cancel the show now that it has gained so much popularity.

When it comes to the release or renewal status, we don’t have any information yet. The show is yet to be renewed. So, it is a matter of time before the same is released by the official accounts.

What is the Expected Plot of Bluey Season 4?

Bluey Season 4 Plot

Bluey has a very different storyline for each season, so guessing what the plot would be for the fourth season is next to impossible at this point.

If we reel back to the previous seasons, we can see Bluey and her family engaging in different adventures, which is the standard base of the plot in every season. What’s great is that the show touches on fun subjects and sensitive subjects too.

The fourth season might focus on Bluey’s character, his family, and also his friends and the kind of adventures they embark on in the show. Since the audience is smitten with the characters and the show in general, it’s only a matter of time before things are unveiled officially by the creators and the network.

We can also expect fun adventures that Bluey and her sister, Bingo set out on in the show. The way they explain new things on the show while keeping the storyline fun and engaging is something that highlights the show and its popularity. 

Loved by children and adults alike, the show is set to make a comeback sometime soon and we are pretty excited to see how things unfold in the future. Until then, our advice would be to watch the previously released seasons of the show. 

Who will be cast in Bluey Season 4?

Bluey Season 4 Cast

While we are pretty clueless about the potential plot of Bluey Season 4, we have a fair bit of idea regarding the show’s cast. Almost all the characters that appeared in the first three seasons will return in the fourth one too.

However, kindly remember that since Bluey is a show targeted toward children, it isn’t surprising that the voice actors for the individual characters are children too. The show doesn’t unveil their identity though. This is mainly to protect their privacy. 

The first adult character on the show, Bandit, who is Bluey’s father is voiced by David McCormack and has gained widespread popularity among the audience. Even Bluey’s mother, Chill’s voice is portrayed by Melanie Zenetti.

Besides that, none of the other cast of the show is known and it is a well-justified reason to begin with.

Is there a Trailer for Bluey Season 4?

Since Bluey hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season yet, there are no trailers or teasers yet. However, with the official Twitter account confirming that the show hasn’t been canceled, we can very well hope that it will return sometime soon in the future.

Until then, we’d suggest you watch the first three seasons and catch up with what has happened to date.

Where can I watch Bluey Season 4?

Bluey’s first three seasons are officially available for streaming on Disney+. So, we can hope that the fourth season will be released on the same platform as well. 


Bluey is a fun, light-hearted, and educational show that’s perfect for families to sit and watch. If you are hooked to the show, have completed watching the first three seasons, and have been awaiting more information surrounding the show’s fourth season, we hope this article gives you all the potential insights that you are most likely looking for.