Blue Lock Chapter 236: What Is Happening After the Betrayal?

Blue Lock Chapter 236

The last chapter of Blue Lock, Chapter 235 created uproar, especially with Hiori betraying Isagi. The readers were left perplexed after the official spoiler was leaked. Now with Chapter 235 official out, the audience wants to know more about the next chapter.

Blue Lock is one of those few manga series that depict concepts of love, betrayal, and friendship in a very realistic way. This is one of the reasons why it has managed to gain such a dedicated readership.

This article will take a peek into everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 236, its release date, and some of the spoilers.

When is Blue Lock Chapter 236 Released?

Blue Lock’s Chapter 235 was initially leaked and then it was made available officially. But, the readers were left in a state of frenzy after the spoilers. If you are intrigued and want to get a better understanding of the manga’s summary, let us get that out of the way.

The premise of the Blue Lock manga is that the Japan Football Union (JFU) is determined to create the world’s greatest striker to win the FIFA World Cup. To achieve this goal, the JFU gathers 300 of Japan’s most talented young strikers and places them in a prison-like training facility called Blue Lock. 

The strikers in Blue Lock are forced to compete against each other in a series of physical and mental challenges. The loser of each challenge is eliminated, and the last striker standing will be named the world’s greatest striker. 

The training regimen at Blue Lock is brutal and unforgiving. The strikers are pushed to their limits physically and mentally. They are also forced to confront their weaknesses and insecurities. The way the creator has explored the concept of egoism in this manga is quite subtle but very impactful.

It is quite a controversial but thought-provoking manga, which we’d 100% recommend you give a try. Following are the release dates that you need to pay close attention to:

Time zones Date Day Time
Indian Standard Time (IST) October 07, 2023 Saturday 08:30 PM
Central European Time (EDT) October 07, 2023 Saturday 05:00 PM
British Summer Time (BST) October 07, 2023 Saturday 04:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT) October 07, 2023 Saturday 11:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 12:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 12:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (AEST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 01:00 AM

In case of any changes to the release dates, we will keep you posted about them in the article, so keep your eyes peeled.

Blue Lock Chapter 236 – What to expect?

It looks like the readers have still not recovered from Hiori betraying Isagi. So, will the new chapter mend those broken hearts?

Some of the predictions that we have accumulated include the fact that the second selection will continue. Also, Isagi and his team are bound to face further challenges along the way. 

We might witness Isagi exploring his strengths that he was probably not aware of in the beginning. Also, there are possibilities that Isagi will have to make tough decisions to ensure his team’s win.

Where can I read Blue Lock Chapter 236?

Blue Lock Chapter 236 will only be available in the physical format on Pocket Shonen Magazine. We don’t have any idea where it will be available online.


Blue Lock is one of those manga series that you can’t seem to get enough of. If you are excited about Chapter 236, the wait will be over soon. The release of this new chapter will depict how Isagi will handle the betrayal and avenge that win for himself and his team.


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