Blown Away Season 4 – A Look into the New Season

Blown Away Season 4

The molten glass is flowing, the tension is high, and the stakes are higher than ever before. Mark your calendars, glassblowing enthusiasts, because Season 4 of Blown Away is set to premiere on Netflix soon.

If the first three seasons have captured your attention and you are curious to unfold more of the competition and the whopping $100,000 prize package, you are in for a treat because the show is returning soon.

We will explore all that you need to know about Blown Away Season 4 and its eventual release date as well.

When is Blown Away Season 4 Releasing?

Following the success of the third season, it looks like the fans are going to be quite excited to know that Season 4 has already been renewed.

Not just that, the fourth season is set to return on March 08, 2024. So, if you have been curious to know more about the show’s eventual release, it looks like you are all set. We don’t have a trailer for the show yet but if you have watched the first three seasons, be assured that the fourth season will follow the same format.

There isn’t any direct correlation between the third and fourth seasons, given that it’s a competition. But, you can be assured that things will get heated in the new season pretty soon.

What can we expect from Blown Away Season 4?

Prepare to be mesmerized as ten talented glassblowers take center stage in North America’s largest hot shop. Each episode will test their technical skills, creativity, and ability to adapt under pressure as they face unique and demanding challenges. 

From intricate sculptures to delicate vessels, expect to see a breathtaking array of glass art come to life in just hours. The stakes are higher than ever this season; with the winner taking home a prize package worth a staggering $100,000 – a significant increase from previous seasons. But the reward goes beyond the money. 

“Blown Away” offers a platform for these artists to showcase their talent to a global audience, potentially launching them into the spotlight of the international art world.

Some of the highlights you can expect in Season 4 are:

  • Ten glassblowers from around the world will battle it out, each with their unique styles and techniques.
  • Each episode will feature a new theme and challenge, testing the contestants’ versatility and ability to adapt.
  • Expect to see mind-blowing glass creations, from delicate sculptures to functional objects, each pushing the boundaries of the art form.
  • The drama and competition are sure to be intense, with high stakes and emotional moments as friendships are forged and rivalries emerge.

Who is returning to Blown Away Season 4?

Given that Blown Away is a competition cum reality show, there isn’t a set of cast that’s recurring on the show besides Hunter March and Katherine Gray. Besides that, we can expect the new season to introduce a set of new contestants, which will include:

  • Arthur Wilson 
  • Gemma Hollister 
  • Hayden MacRae
  • Jonathan Capps 
  • Karen Willenbrink Johnsen 
  • Leana Quade 
  • Morgan Peterson 
  • Robert Burch 
  • Ryan Blythe 
  • Ryan Thompson


What did Blown Away Season 4 release?

Blown Away Season 4 was released on 8th March 2024, following the success of the previous season. The newest season is hosted by Hunter March and Katherine Gray.

What is the prize package for the winner of Blown Away Season 4?

The winner of Blown Away Season 4 will receive a prize package worth $100,000. The amount is higher than in the previous three seasons.

Are there any connections between Blown Away Season 3 and Season 4?

Given that each season is a standalone competition, there are no direct connections between Season 3 and Season 4.

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