Big Bee Little Bee Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Big Bee Little Bee Update | Shark Tank Season 14

In a world where we are consistently struggling with environmental issues, companies like Big Bee Little Bee are paving the world for a better future. The company produces single-user plastic-derived toys and innovative items for kids to indulge in.

Mother-daughter duo, Amy Leinbach and Marlo Leinbach were the ones that brought their product to the forefront, wherein they wanted to popularize the name behind their product and also make it more and more accessible to the public.

If you have been wondering how the company is doing post-Shark Tank, you have come to the right place. We will discuss more on that in this article.

Shark Tank Big Bee Little Bee Update

  • Entrepreneurs – Amy Leinbach and Marlo Leinbach
  • Business – Toys and kid’s items made from single-use plastic
  • Ask – $100,000 for 20% equity
  • Result – No deal
  • Sharks – None

As we mentioned, Big Bee Little Bee is a toy production and kid’s accessories company that focuses on developing and deriving products made out of single-use plastic. This makes the products and the company environmentally friendly too.

The mother-daughter duo brought out their product in the fourth season of Shark Tank, with hopes to generate a decent amount of funding and gain guidance from one of the sharks on the show. 

During their pitch, the main intent of the owners was to popularize their new market holder, a product kit that they were selling for $15. While the profit margin for the product was impressive, it was quite disappointing that the sharks thought that spending $15 on kids’ accessories might not be every parent’s choice.

Until their appearance on Shark Tank, the company had already made $200,000 in sales, especially with their bestselling product – a cleansing scrubber. Both Amy and Marlo clarified that they are in the process of developing and releasing new products in the future.

Although the sharks were quite impressed with the products and were impressed by the pricing too, Kevin and Mark were the first two sharks to step out of the deal because they couldn’t see profitability in the company over the last year of sales. Both of them highlighted the ongoing and potential future financial struggles that the company might experience.

Soon after, the remaining sharks in the panel stepped down and Amy and Marlo couldn’t secure a deal from any of the sharks.

Despite not being able to secure a deal for themselves off of Shark Tank, the mother-and-daughter duo focused even more on their business and are still operational. They sell their products on their official website, where you can directly purchase from.

We don’t have any idea regarding the numbers that the business has been making over the last decade or so. However, it is safe to assume that they are doing well, given that they are still functioning despite the lack of investments from the sharks on the show. 

Both Amy and Marlo are focused on taking their business to great heights and are working on new products to add to their portfolio of products.