Be the Actor Chapter 55: When is the Chapter Releasing?

Be the Actor Chapter 55

If you are looking for a captivating read with stunning artwork, Be the Actor is one of those manga series that you wouldn’t want to put down until you have finished the last chapter. With 54 chapters already out, the fans are patiently awaiting news about Chapter 55.

Let us start this with a little memory refresh from the last chapter. We witnessed Kim Jungwoo and Youngkuk’s interaction related to the promotional investment. With a challenge thrown in front of Youngkuk, it will be pretty interesting to see how things unfold in Chapter 55.

With a mission to make the movie a hit and not experience losses after investing around 10 billion won in the movie, Youngkuk seems like a man on a mission. We also witnessed Youngkuk persuading Kim Daejin to release the priest’s confession instead of the movie, which left the readers in a state of questioning.

Given that we have so many things left unanswered, it isn’t surprising that the audience is looking for more answers related to the release of Chapter 55 of Be the Actor.

When is Be the Actor Chapter 55 Released?

With so many questions that the readers have in their minds, everyone is on the lookout for answers regarding the next chapter’s release.

Ideally, we do have a breakdown of the release date, time, and day based on the specific time zones, so let us sort it out.

Time zones Date Day Time
Eastern Time Zone (ET) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 9:00 AM
Newfoundland Time Zone (NT) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 9:00 AM
India Standard Time (IST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 6:30 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 11:00 PM
Philippine Time (PHT) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 9:00 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 10:00 PM
Korea Standard Time (KST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 10:00 PM
Pacific Standard time (PST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 6:00 AM

These are some of the normal time breakdowns of the release in the countries or time zones when people read manga the most. This means that there are a variety of other timezones too, so if your timezone isn’t mentioned, let us know and we will sort it out for you.

Be the Actor Chapter 55 – What Will be Revealed?

The next chapter, which is Chapter 55, is set to unfold a lot of things that the readers have been looking for answers to all this while.

From explaining what kind of steps Youngkuk takes next to make the movie take off to seeing how he resolves the challenges that are thrown his way, there’s a lot that’s bound to happen in the new chapter.

However, it would be pretty interesting to unfold how the characters blend and break and the kind of unexpected twists and turns that we are faced with as readers. How Daejin pieces himself in the plot will be interesting to see too.

Where can I read Be the Actor Chapter 55?

The standard or raw version of Be the Actor will be released on Kakao Webtoon. So, if you don’t have an issue reading the raw version, we’d recommend giving this a go. However, if you want one with English translation, Tapas is a great alternative.


Be the Actor is one of those easy-going, interesting yet entertaining manga series that you won’t regret reading. With 54 chapters already released, there’s a lot that you potentially can expect with Chapter 55. What we’d recommend you do is finish reading the last published chapters before the new one is released.


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