Atlas Monroe Net Worth – How Much Is the Vegan Fried Chicken Brand Worth?

Atlas Monroe Net Worth

The vegan lifestyle is gradually becoming a movement and revolution, bringing in hundreds and thousands of people to make that extra switch to eat a bit more consciously. With the sudden rise in the popularity of the vegan lifestyle, people are now looking for easy vegan meals.

To tap into that idea and make the concept of vegan fried chicken a lot more accessible Atlas Monroe was released. Founded by Deborah and Jonathan Torres, the brand appeared on Shark Tank and managed to woo the sharks.

The brand was so well-perceived by the sharks that Rohan Oza and Mark Cuban were all ready to buy the brand entirely. However, the founders weren’t convinced and turned down the deal. At present, Atlas Monroe is valued at $7 million.

About the Founders

The founders of the company, Deborah and Jonathan Torres, are married. The couple went on Shark Tank to pitch their product, with hopes that they would be able to bag a good deal for their company.

When it comes to the ideation of the product, it was Deborah who came up with it. Her parents immigrated to the United States. While her father was from Guyana, her mother was from the U.K.

This multicultural family dynamic exposed Deborah to a variety of international cuisine. Also, her grandmothers owned restaurants and the concept of fried chicken was pretty predominant in her household.

Founding Atlas Monroe

Deborah’s journey to starting her business with her husband stems from her father’s diagnosis of diabetes. Her father was asked to switch up his diet to better augment his well-being.

Terrified about her father’s health, Deborah was on a quest. She started watching a documentary titled, “Simply Raw.” From that documentary, Deborah came to know the influence of a vegan diet on one’s well-being and that’s when she started to cook vegan food.

Once she started noticing improvements in her father’s health, she started working on finding the best plant-based meat alternative, cue the idea of Atlas Monroe fried chicken.

Atlas Monroe on Shark Tank

Deborah and Jonathan Torres pitched their product on Shark Tank in 2019, where they asked for $500,000 for 10% equity.

Initially, Barbara backed out citing that the company was in its primitive stages for such a hefty investment. However, Mark Cuban, who is a vegetarian, found the product interesting. Mark counteracted their pitch for 30% equity.

Later, Mark wanted to collaborate with Rohan Oza who wanted to buy the entire company and offered a million dollars alongside a 10% royalty. The founders rejected the offer.

Atlas Monroe after Shark Tank

Although everyone thought that putting down the million-dollar deal was a bad idea, their decision turned out to be the best.

Following their Shark Tank episode, Atlas Monroe got a boost in their sales, to the point that they had to shift to a new facility in San Diego. Surprisingly, they are one of the biggest fried chicken companies in the world.

Although there aren’t any confirmed figures to track the revenue and sales it can be guessed that they have made over $5 million in sales.


1. Is Atlas Monroe still in business?

Atlas Monroe, ever since their appearance on Shark Tank, has continued to grow. The company is standing out as one of the leading options in the space of vegan meat alternatives and their quality is what sets them apart.

2. Who is the owner of Atlas Monroe?

The owner and CEO of Atlas Monroe is Deborah Torres. She is the one that’s behind the product development and even the marketing part.

3. Is Atlas Monroe sold in grocery stores?

Besides their online website, Atlas Monroe is also sold across the United States in the varying and leading grocery stores that you can think of.