Aries Li Net Worth 2024 – Everything We Know About the AV Star

Aries Li Net Worth

The AV industry across the globe is expanding and Aries Li is a name that has become indispensable in the career. Aries has grown her fame across the media, especially with her versatile roles in short and long-form videos. 

With how quickly the adult entertainment industry is expanding, it isn’t surprising that names like Aries Li are gaining more and more prominence in the industry. Throughout her career until now, Aries has worked alongside several actors in the industry including big names like Lucy Alexander and Kyla Cole.

Been sitting there and wondering about Aries Li and her life growing up? This article will explore more about the same.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Jennie Rose
Birth Date January 01, 1993
Age 31
Country of Origin USA
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Single
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $180,000
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024

Early Life

Aries Li was born on January 01, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, and is an American. She is an Asian-American and follows Christianity too. There’s not much to unfold about her early life. 

She was named Jennie Rose at birth and later changed her name to Aries Li when she entered her career in the adult entertainment industry. 

With how open her career is in the adult entertainment industry; it isn’t surprising that she prefers keeping her identity hidden out of the media. This is mainly because her parents are quite private and don’t want to be publicly scrutinized.

As for her education, Aries completed her formal academics at a local high school. Given that she is from an Asian family, it isn’t surprising that she has been quite competitive about her academics growing up. 

Besides being good in her studies, Aries is also quite good in her extracurricular activities and even in sports. She has an extensive range of hobbies too, further adding to her overall personality. In addition to that, we also don’t have any idea about her siblings.

Personal Life

Aries Li isn’t open about her private life at all. You can’t find anything related to her on the social media handles and she prefers keeping things to herself as well. Ideally, her career and the kind of exposure she received there is the reason she keeps her love and dating life hidden.

Aries Li


Aries’ journey into the adult entertainment industry wasn’t direct. Instead, she made her way into the industry after starting with modeling initially. 

After gaining some traction in the modeling industry, Aries decided to further expand her career and ventured into the AV industry, thanks to her agency that helped her gain that initial footing in the career.

Initially, Aries connected with a leading producer in the industry, which helped her gain the initial traction that she knew she needed to further grow her career in the niche. Somehow, her debut video that she shot with the production picked up and she landed more roles.

Not just in the modeling industry, Aries is focused on further expanding her career in the AV industry too. She is quite famous on her social media platforms, especially on Twitter and Instagram. 

Whether or not Aries has an OnlyFans account remains a mystery at this point. Some rumors depict that she has an OnlyFans account but we are also not sure if that’s the case truly. 

Aries has worked with some brands and endorsed their products on her social media platforms too, further propelling her career.

Net Worth

Aries Li has acquired an estimated net worth of $180,000, which she has earned from her videos in the AV industry. Not just that, her steep income also comes from her OnlyFans account and her social media popularity. We couldn’t confirm how much she charges for the brand endorsements.


1. Does Aries Li live in the U.S.?

Aries is an Asian-American and since she is an American citizen, it makes sense for her to live in the U.S. She is based out of Los Angeles since that’s where she was born as well.

2. Does Aries Li do modeling?

Besides working in the adult entertainment industry, Aries is also known for working with leading brands as a model. She has worked with both national and international brands on different projects.

3. Is Aries Li married?

This is one of the biggest rumors surrounding Aries’ name but the truth is that she is single and isn’t dating anyone at the moment.