Arctic Monkeys’ “505” Lyrics Meaning – Does it Depict Hotel Room Shenanigans?

Arctic Monkeys’ “505” Lyrics Meaning

Artists releasing songs with cryptic numbers can make it difficult for the fans and the audience to decipher what it entails. The same happened with Arctic Monkeys’ 505. Despite the popularity of the song, the true lyrical meaning has left the audience confused.

Many of the fans and even people outside the fandom who love the song’s melodies and lyrics have said that it’s quite difficult to decipher the song’s meaning. If you are one of those people stuck in the same boat of confusion, sit still.

This article will discuss more the Arctic Monkeys’ “505” Lyrics Meaning with utter simplicity.

What is the Meaning of “505”?

Now, you might think looking at the number that it has something to do with the band’s luck or special number. But, with Arctic Monkeys, that’s not the case at all.

Many of the fans have managed to uncover the fact that “505” depicts a hotel room number. But, as we deep dive into the song, the lyrics give us a rundown of how this place is a little farther away from where he is, which made people realize that the vocalist could be talking about an area code with “505.”

It is believed that more than the factual availability of the place, it focuses on symbolism. It has more to do with an idea instead of an actual place. Some of the lyrics also depict a possibility that the vocalist could be stuck in a matter of love/hate relationship.

If we had to explain things in more detail, it explains the possibility that the vocalist or the narrator is currently stuck in a relationship that is rewarding but equally destroying to him. 

Coming back to the symbolism, many fans have speculated that “505” also depicts the earlier stage in a relationship where things are soft, romantic, and exciting. It also takes the narrator back to the period when things were fine.

In a way of saying, the narrator thus says, “Go back to 505” as a way of saying that he wishes he could turn back time and revisit those beautiful days and moments that seem to be almost nonexistent now. 

But, if you listen to the entirety of the song, you will realize that the vocalist isn’t devastated by how things are in his relationship now. He happens and is content because he has someone who is patiently awaiting his arrival. This is one of the reasons why, despite the differences, he is willing to stick around.


Finding romantic love songs without complexities can be difficult. But, you don’t get simple with Arctic Monkeys, now, do you? The symbolism and open-mindedness of the song are something that leaves room for perception and creativity. It is completely on you to listen to the song, understand the lyrics, and then form your personal opinions. Sometimes, it is better to perceive a song according to your understanding. It enriches the song’s lyrics and makes it deeper.