All The Queens Men season 3: Season 3 Released!

All The Queens Men season 3

After what can be called a worthwhile period of wait, the 3rd season of All The Queens Men has been released. This American drama series had become one of the favorite watches of television series viewers in no time. If you are an ardent fan of the show and have been waiting for a 3rd season ever since the season 2 finales then here we have some good news for you.

The season 2 finale had then quite an emotional ride. Viewers expect to see a similarly brilliant performance in the 3rd season of All The Queens Men. Since the 3rd season has already been announced officially by the creators of the show, here are some of the updates that have been announced for the fans of the show.

As you read on you can get an idea about the plot of All The Queens Men Season 3, the cast members that you might expect to see, and of course the release date of All The Queens Men season 3.

What is the release date of All The Queens Men season 3?

The 3rd season has already been released on the 20th of July 2023. You can catch the episodes of the new season on BET+. The creators have released only 2 episodes of All The Queens Men season 3.

This has already set off the fans of the show to wonder whether or not a 4th season would be there. After all, getting to terms with the conclusion of one of your favorite shows is not an easy task to do. However, to know for sure whether or not season 4 of All The Queens Men would be made available, the fans would have to watch the 2 episodes of season 3 first.

What is the plot of All The Queens Men season 3?

If you had thought that season 2 had been an emotionally challenging bit, then prepared to be surprised yet again. Season 3 has quite a lot of twists and turns. Fans might have had an idea about the shift in the dynamics and the plot of All The Queens Men season 3, but it is guaranteed that the show word again please and pleasantly surprise them.

This is an Atlanta-based drama series centered on Marilyn DeVille’s life. She is portrayed as a fearless and fierce entrepreneur making her way through and controlling the exotic male nightclub sector. To say the least, it is a very lucrative field. She also has a group of workers who are committed enough to her. Madam can rely on this dependable set of workers to climb the ladder of success and establish her enterprise.

Without giving any spoilers, we can only say that there are quite a few upheavals and twists awaiting the viewer. Madam and Christian struggle to find exactly what the identity of their father is. In the meantime, there is also a significant shift in the relationship dynamics of Casanova and Lola.

Even as Fuego seems to have an upper hand as he teases David before giving him some crucial information regarding the relationship between the 2, there is something that Fuego completely messes up. Because of this mess up will the fate of Fuego be changed forever? If so, then how?

Even the AMP makes a massive blunder.

What are these mistakes that the characters get caught up in? The answers now lie just a tap away. The 3rd season of the show is already out and you can now go watch it on BET+.

Who are the cast members of All The Queens Men season 3?

Here is a list of the cast members that you can expect to feature in All The Queens Men season 3.

  • Marilyn “Madam” DeVille is portrayed by Eva Marcille.

Eva Marcille

  • Doc is played by Michael Bolwaire.

Michael Bolwaire

  • Midnight is portrayed by Keith Carlos.

Keith Carlos

  • Amp is played by Jeremy Williams.

Jeremy Williams

  • Babyface is portrayed by Racquel Palmer.

Racquel Palmer

  • Christian is played by Dion Rome.

Dion Rome

  • Blue is portrayed by Skyh Alvester Black.

Skyh Alvester Black

  • Tamara is played by Candace Maxwell.

Candace Maxwell

  • London is portrayed by Stephanie Charles.

Stephanie Charles

  • Detective Hernandez is played by Zulay Henao.

Zulay Henao

  • DJ is portrayed by Tray Chaney.

Tray Chaney

  • Vanessa is played by Marquita Goings.

Marquita Goings


Season 3 of All The Queens Men is going to be a blast. The fans no longer need to wait. They can catch the new season on BET+ today!