A Million Little Things Season 6 – Will There Be a New Season?

A Million Little Things Season 6

There are thousands of television shows and series that tug at our heartstrings and A Million Little Things surely was one of them. This ABC show managed to sneak in heartwarming storylines with relatable characters that captivated the audience’s attention right away.

However, despite the success of the show, the creators confirmed that they had wrapped up the show with five seasons. The fifth season of the show, which aired in April 2023, seems to be the end of the show, leaving the fans sad.

If you are hopeful about A Million Little Things Season 6, we have some details lined up that you can take a look at.

When is A Million Little Things Season 6 Releasing?

The question is, “Is it even coming back?” The answer to that at this point is no. The creators and showrunners of the show have confirmed that Season 5 will be the end of the show.

So, if you were patiently waiting for a miracle and for the creators to come back with a new season, it doesn’t seem like a possibility at this point. The final episode of Season 5 indeed brought all the characters the closure that they needed and deserved.

However, when you have a show this good, you don’t want it to end and it makes total sense too. All that said, if the fans’ persuasion ends up being successful and they bring the show back with Season 6, there are chances that it might be released in 2024 or 2025.

What can we expect from A Million Little Things Season 6?

The fifth season finale left several storylines unresolved, providing ample material for a potential sixth season. One of the most pressing questions is the fate of Gary and Maggie’s relationship, which ended on a rocky note. 

Additionally, Rome’s newfound sobriety and his potential romantic rekindling with Katheryn could be explored further. In a recent interview, Nash revealed that he has a “rough outline” for a potential sixth season. 

He hinted at the introduction of new characters and the exploration of new themes, while still maintaining the show’s core focus on friendship, love, and loss.

These are quite literally speculations and we have no confirmation if the “outline” will make it out to be an actual new season in the future.

Who is returning to A Million Little Things Season 6?

If the show was renewed for Season 6, we could have gotten the main cast back on screen with:

  • David Giuntoli as Gary Mendez

David Giuntoli

  • Grace Park as Katherine Saville

Grace Park

  • Romany Malco as Rome Howard

Romany Malco

  • Christina Moses as Regina Howard

Christina Moses

  • Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom

Allison Miller

  • James Roday Rodriguez as Eddie Saville

James Roday Rodriguez

  • Stéphanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon

Stéphanie Szostak


Is A Million Little Things Season 6 happening?

No, A Million Little Things Season 6 is not happening. The creators have already confirmed that the fifth season was the finale. This means there will be no more new seasons in the future.

Why didn’t they renew A Million Little Things for a sixth season?

The showrunners decided to end the series with season 5 as the story met its natural end. The last episode of season 5 provided closure to all the main storylines and characters.

Who were the main cast members in A Million Little Things?

The main cast included Grace Park as Katherine Saville, David Giuntoli as Gary Mendez, Christina Moses as Regina Howard, Romany Malco as Rome Howard, Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom, James Roday Rodriguez as Eddie Saville, and Stéphanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon.


A Million Little Things Season 6 at this point seems to be a far-fetched dream. With the finality from the creators surrounding the show’s end, it is futile to hope that they would bring the show back in the future. It doesn’t seem like a possibility anymore.


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