800 Words Season 4 – All the Details About the Show’s Ending

800 Words Season 4

When it comes to the New Zealand comedy-drama series, 800 Words is hands down one of the most underrated shows that you can think of. It ran for three seasons and with how appreciative the fans were of the show, it made sense that the showrunners would bring it back.

However, after three years of hiatus, the fans have realized that the series is most likely not returning. The creators have confirmed its cancellation too. So, if you were awaiting further inputs about Season 4, it is not happening.

This article will take you through all the details that you need to know about 800 Words Season 4 and its release date.

When is 800 Words Season 4 Releasing?

800 Words premiered in 2015 and the final season of the show was released in 2018. The cancellation of the show did come a little later after the release of the final season.

This left the fans hopeful about a potential return of the show with a new season but it seems like none of that is going to happen. Ideally, the third season did end with an open ending, which is another reason why the fans are so disappointed that the creators decided to cancel the show instead of bringing it back with Season 4.

There were rumors in the middle suggesting that the show might make a comeback eventually on a different network but that seemed too good to be true as well.

What can we expect from 800 Words Season 4?

Season 4 of 800 Words is expected to pick up where the previous season left off, with George and his family adjusting to their new life in Weld. 

George will continue to write his blog, and he will also be dealing with the challenges of raising two teenagers as a single parent. One of the main storylines in Season 4 is expected to be George’s new relationship with his ex-wife, Fiona (Melina Vidler).

Fiona has returned to Weld with her new boyfriend, and George will have to decide whether he wants to give their relationship another chance. There were rumors that the fourth season could have further looked into the lives of George’s children, Arlo and Katie. 

However, with the show’s cancellation, it is safe to say that none of this is happening anytime in the future.

Who is Returning on 800 Words Season 4?

The following cast members are expected to return for Season 4 of 800 Words: 

  • Erik Thomson as George Turner 
  • Melina Vidler as Fiona Mackintosh 
  • George Mason as Arlo Turner 
  • Anna-Grace Barlow as Katie Turner 
  • Will Hall as Matt King 
  • James Rolleston as Zac Thomson 
  • Cian Elyse White as Shay Turner 
  • Alison Bruce as Maureen Turner


If you have been patiently awaiting information about the release of 800 Words Season 4, we have to be the bearer of bad news that the show isn’t returning. This has come as a shock for many fans but the creators believe they have nothing more to say with the story.


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