Dalgliesh Season 5 – Is Channel 5 Bringing the Show Back?

Dalgliesh Season 5

Crime drama television series is a rare find that you don’t want to brush to the side or take for granted. Among them, one show that has been making the rounds on the internet is Dalgliesh. This mystery series currently has two seasons out and released.

But, that further ignites a question, “Why are the fans curious about Season 5 already?” To be fair, it will be a long time until we get further information about the fifth season. With no confirmation regarding the show’s renewal status for Season 3, wishing for Season 5 seems quite farfetched.

We will discuss more about Dalgliesh Season 5 and even take a look into the release dates and a potential plot.

When is Dalgliesh Season 5 Releasing?

The first season of Dalgliesh premiered in 2021, followed by the second season in 2023. You’d be happy to know that the show has officially been renewed for a third season as well.

However, that’s the extent of the information we have right now. There’s no way of knowing how or when things will happen in the future. There are a lot of uncertainties involved in the mix.

With how good of a response the show has received ever since its release, it would be futile if the showrunners don’t bring the show back for Season 4 and 5 eventually. However, we also need to understand that a lot of factors depend on how the third season goes.

Since we don’t have a confirmed idea about the storyline of Season 3, we do not have an idea about what’s next. If the show returns for Season 5, it won’t be here until at least 2025.

What can we expect from Dalgliesh Season 5?

For those that haven’t watched Dalgliesh yet, you might now know this, but the show’s episodes are inspired by P.D. James’ novels and they consist of new and challenging cases that are solved on screen.

If the show is eventually renewed for a fifth season down the line, we can expect the showrunners and writers to explore more of his novels and also depict more of the crime and mystery stories that are potentially left untold.

We could also get a glimpse into the author’s personal life and the kind of relationship he shared with his ex-wife and his family in general. There is a lot that’s left unexplored.

Who is returning to Dalgliesh Season 5?

If Dalgliesh is renewed for Season 5, we can expect the standard main cast to come back on the show. This would include:

  • Bertie Carvel as Detective Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh

Bertie Carvel

  • Carlyss Peer as Detective Sergeant Kate Miskin

Carlyss Peer

  • Jeremy Irvine as Detective Constable Peter Wield 

Jeremy Irvine

  • Natasha Little as Celia Dalgliesh

Natasha Little

  • Nicholas Farrell as George Dalgliesh

Nicholas Farrell

  • Pip Torrens as Superintendent Masterson

Pip Torrens


Dalgliesh Season 5 comes with a lot of uncertainties. Since the show has been renewed for Season 3 at this moment, that’s what we’d have to look forward to. Besides that, we won’t have any official information about the show’s comeback in the future.

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