Zomboat Season 2 – Has ITV2 Cancelled the Show?

Zomboat Season 2

Some shows are meant to be and some aren’t. That’s how things work. It looks like the same happened with Zomboat. The show’s first season Zomboat aired in 2019 on ITV2 and its zombie apocalypse premise was received well by the audience.

The blend of action, humor, horror elements, and dystopian elements make the show quite an intriguing watch. If you have been waiting for news about Zomboat Season 2, you are going to be disappointed.

There seem to be a lot fewer reports and insights about Zomboat Season 2, so we have accumulated all those insights in this article.

When is Zomboat Season 2 Releasing?

As we mentioned before, the first season of Zomboat Season 2 was released in 2019 on ITV2 and since then, the fans have been waiting for more news about the new season.

ITV2 has canceled the show, so a second season doesn’t seem to be a possibility at this point. Will the show be picked up by a new network? Well, that doesn’t seem like something that would happen either.

So, what we can infer at this point is that it’s going to be a waiting game. We don’t seem to have any confirmation yet about a potential release date. Also, the cancellation hasn’t been confirmed officially, so that seems like a non-confirmed situation as well.

What can we expect from Zomboat Season 2?

While details are scarce, we can speculate based on the cliffhanger ending of season 1. The season finale saw our heroes, Kat and Jo, escaping Birmingham on their trusty canal boat, the “Zomboat,” with their friends Sunny and Amar. They face a new challenge: navigating a zombie-infested world and searching for a haven.

To be fair, with how the first season ended, it is difficult to deduce how things would have panned out in the second season. The ending was quite abrupt and not at all expected.

That said, if the show were to be renewed for a second season, we could expect to witness Kat and Jo’s journey and the new places that they embark on. The show wouldn’t be the same without its fair share of zombie carnage. We could also expect more gruesome and hilarious battles against the undead.

But, with the looming cancellation, it looks like none of that is going to happen or pan out as per people’s expectations.

Who is returning to Zomboat Season 2?

If Zomboat Season 2 were to be renewed, we could expect the following cast to return:

  • Leah Brotherhead as Kat 
  • Ryan McKen as Jo 
  • Hamza Jeetooa as Sunny 
  • Cara Theobold as Amar 
  • Rochenda Sandall as Jude

Besides that, it would also bring forth all the OG supporting cast but none of this is likely not happening.


Zomboat Season 2 had a lot of potential in it but with the show’s cancellation, none of that will most likely take place. If you are upset about the cancellation, what we’d recommend you do is watch the first season to catch up. Also, switch to some other zombie apocalypse shows that are complete.


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