Everything You Need to Know About YTS Torrent Movie Downloader

YTS Torrent Movie Downloader

It doesn’t matter what kind of genre of movies you enjoy watching, there is always going to be some amazing films out there that are either not available on any of the streaming platforms or available on the pirated websites. YTS is an amazing alternative to that and helps you download some of your favorite movies without any kind of guilt-tripping.

Unlike some of the other torrent downloaders in India, this one only has a collection of Hollywood movies. So, if you are looking for some Christmas specials or some special rom coms to spice up your nights with, this is your safest bet. But, with so many available movie downloaders online, finding one that you can blindly rely on can be a little difficult. This is why we’d suggest you take a look into the YTS movie downloader for some of the best Hollywood movies.

What is YTS?


If the introduction wasn’t enough already, YTS is a popular online torrent movie downloader that helps you search through your favourite movies and download the ones that you deem the best for your interest.

It is a pirated movie website that harbours thousands of Hollywood movies to download from. So, if you are into Hollywood movies and you don’t have access to other available streaming platforms online, this is a good platform to search on. But, remember that the movies published on this platform are pirated. So, we wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to download from here and switch to a legal alternative of the website instead.


The first time you open the YTS website, you are going to be extremely confused with how minimal the website is. Since it only includes Hollywood movies, it doesn’t come with a separate list of categories for the types of movies that you can download from the platform.

Some of the common features of the website include:

⦁ It harbours a list of all the movies, especially the most popular ones on the homepage of the website right when you open the website

⦁ It has a search bar on the top right corner that allows you to search for the specific movie that you likely have in mind

⦁ It has a separate browse movies category on the top that features all the movies that are available on the website for download

⦁ If any of the movies catches your eye, YTS ensures to help you download any of them in the smallest and compressed file so it doesn’t end up taking a lot of space in your device

⦁ It has a separate section for a blog that you can check, in case that interests you. It also comes with a link to the RSS feed in case that is something you’d want to take a look into


As mentioned before, YTS is a Hollywood movie store. So, there are no specific categories of movies that you can find on the website. Everything is haphazardly uploaded to the website for the users to scroll through or directly search for.


With the basic idea about the YTS movie website out of the way, the next thing that we need to focus on is the steps involved in the download process of the movies from the YTS website. The process is like any other torrent website that you’d normally download your movies from. Just ensure that you have high-speed internet while navigating through the download process.

  • Start by opening the official YTS website at yts.movie
  • Once you do that, the homepage of the website should open where you will find several movies already present
  • If you are planning on watching a random movie, select the one that piques your interest and click on the poster of the movie on the website
  • Once the new tab opens, you will find that the website has the movie available in two different qualities – 720p and 1080p, in case you are particular about HD quality movies
  • Depending on what kind of picture quality and visuals you want, you can click on either one of these
  • The moment you click on it, there should be a popup window that then redirects to a different website which you can close and then click on that again to download the torrent file
  • Once you have downloaded the torrent file, go to a torrent site and then download the movie using the downloaded file
  • The website also offers you to download the subtitles for the movie, if required

11 Legal alternatives for YTS in 2023

When discussing some of the best alternatives for YTS, there are quite a few options that you can take a look into. Since YTS is not a legal website for movie download, switching to reliable and legal websites is the next best option. That said, it is extremely important to ensure that you download your favorite movies from these legal alternatives.

1. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive

When discussing the best websites for free movie downloads, The Internet Archive tops the list, especially with the list of movies that they have. Not just movies, this works pretty amazingly for music and books too. This movie website hones thousands of amazing Hollywood movies that you can download for free in the form of Torrent files. It has now changed to torrent files which were previously just direct download links to the movie.

2. Retrovision


Not many people know about this website but if you are into new and retro movies that you’d want to download, Retrovision is the perfect website for doing that. Aside from the list of the best Hollywood movies, it features several TV shows as well. The best thing about this website that makes it stand out is the categorised list of movies depending on the genre of the movie or the TV show. They have an “All Movie” list too that features thousands of movies for you to download from. They also have an informative newsletter that you can sign up for in case you are looking for daily updates on what content is being uploaded.

3. YouTube


Okay, this can come off as a bit pretentious but YouTube is a pretty amazing and legal website to watch some of your favorite movies. The only downside to this is the fact that the website or the movies aren’t available for free and you might have to download or buy the movies. There are a plethora of options, especially with Hollywood movies. Some are free for you to download or stream and some need to be paid for.

4. Crackle


If you are particularly looking for a free movie download website that you can download your favorite movies from, Crackle is a good option. It is a Sony-owned website, so you know for a fact that it’s free and legal for you to download movies from. The website also has a list of amazing Hollywood movies that you can download for free. The only thing that you need to do is signup to the website, create a watchlist based on your likings, and then watch the movies according to the recommendations. It has a premium list of feature films along with some good quality public domain movies that you wouldn’t regret watching.

5. HotStar


This might come off as a surprise because isn’t Hotstar meant for watching TV shows and series? Well, that isn’t the case at all. This is an online streaming platform that is available as an app and features a whole range of Hollywood movies that you can religiously watch. If you are wondering whether the app is chargeable or not, it isn’t. The majority of the available movies on this platform are available for free, so you can either stream them online or download them too. Only a few movies require a premium account for viewing and most of them include the movies that are superhits or recently released.

6. Open Culture

Next up on the list of the legal alternatives for YTS is Open Culture. It is home to a wide range of free movies along with high-quality videos that you can binge-watch. Aside from the wide range of Hollywood movies, the website also contains a lot of other relevant content including online courses and free language sessions that allow you to learn new things. The main section on the website is the Movie section along with the other relevant sections that you can take a look through. The website has thousands of Hollywood movies for you to download from, so make sure that you check whether the one you want to download is available on the website or not.

7. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a website designed to specifically offer free movies online for interested people. The website is fairly new and has garnered quite a lot of popularity over time. If you are particularly looking for Hollywood movies that you can download legally, this is your best bet. Everything on this website is categorically sorted for you to look through. It is not available in every country, so you might have to use a VPN.

8. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix
Popcorn Flix

Next up on the list of the best free movie downloading website is Popcorn Flix. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures, so you don’t have to worry about the legality of the downloads you are making. The website hosts thousands of free Hollywood movies for you to download. Everything is categorised based on the genres, which further makes it easier for you to download your favorite movies seamlessly.

9. Movies Found Online

Movies found online

Just like the name of the website suggests, this allows you to find your favorite Hollywood movies online and then download them accordingly. Just ensure that you either have a list of movies that you want to download or check through the categories randomly to see which one entices your mind the best. It also features several TV shows and independent videos that you can download and watch.

10. Kanopy


This is a boujee and luxurious stream of online movie downloads. If you are into watching thoughtful entertainment with a wide range of amazing movies from the retro era and the new one, Kanopy is an amazing platform to start watching them. The only thing necessary on this website is the library membership that you need to sign-up for. So, if you don’t have an account already, you must keep an eye out for the same.

11. Vudu


There is a very interesting fact about Vudu. This website was initially developed as a business platform. But later it turned out as an OTT platform, unlike the other websites Vudu specializes in old classy movies which are tough to find out. You will be able to watch them all, either by downloading or live streaming. The search is very easy, just scroll through them or directly go to the search bar. This online platform offers 5000 tiles for a fee. Vudu features the popularity of the movies too.


1. Is YTS safe?

We have been very clear about the fact that YTS is not a legal website for movie downloads. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a safe website. It is the complete opposite of the same. The website is safe and doesn’t have any hidden agendas behind the same.

2. Is YTS available everywhere?

Depending on the piracy laws of the country, YTS is available subjectively. In case it is not available in your country, you can always download a VPN app and change your location to access it.

3. Do the alternatives for YTS require VPN?

It is a completely subjective answer and will vary depending on the website you are downloading the movie from. If it is available in all the countries, it likely won’t require a VPN.

4. Does YTS have any other movie aside from Hollywood movies?

No, for now, YTS only features Hollywood movies and doesn’t count any other movies on the website. It only features Hollywood movies and that too without categories on the website.


If you have been using torrent websites to download your movies in India till now, it is time that you switch to legal alternatives. Since online piracy is an extremely serious issue in the country, you mustn’t promote unnecessary downloads of these movies too. So, even if YTS does feature a range of Hollywood movies, it is better that you use the legal websites instead.