Varunie Vongsvirates – Everything We Know about Owen Wilson’s Ex-Partner

Varunie Vongsvirates – Everything We Know about Owen Wilson’s Ex-Partner

If you are a fan of the Frat Pack, chances are that you don’t need an introduction as to who Owen Wilson is. He is a famous American comedian and an actor too. His ex-partner, Varunie Vongsvirates is often splashed across the media, sparking debates about her current life and profession.

Although not much is known, Varunie is known for her work with the famous director, Wes Anderson. She also makes the round of media being Owen’s ex-partner.

This article will venture into exploring more about Varunie Vongsvirates, and her relationship with ex-partner Owen Wilson.

Quick Look at Varunie Vongsvirates

Varunie Vongsvirates was born on November 19, 1983, in California, United States. She is a former model, as far as her career goes. Besides that, we don’t have a lot of understanding regarding her parents and early life.

Some rumors suggest that Varunie lost her mother in 2014. She took to her Instagram to share a heartfelt post about her losing her mother, two years later.

Furthermore, Varunie was raised alongside her brother, Joshua, and another sister. Not much is known about her sister though. Throughout her early life, Varunie moved through different cities.

Varunie is also highly educated. After completing her high school education, she later enrolled at the University of California, graduating with a degree in political science.

What does Varunie Vongsvirates Do Now?

We briefly mentioned that Varunie Vongsvirates is a former model, so what does she do now? According to rumors, she has been associated with multiple job profiles.

After leaving modeling, she worked as an assistant manager for a player on World Poker Tour. However, she later quit her job and started working in the healthcare sector. She further progressed in the company and works at a higher status.

How Long Were Varunie Vongsvirates and Owen Wilson Together?

Varunie Vongsvirates and Owen Wilson made their relationship public in 2013 after being spotted publicly on multiple occasions.

The two of them have been quite public about their relationship for the first two years of their relationship. Following that, the two remained together for five years until 2018, after which they separated.

Also, the ex-couple are parents to their daughter, Lyla Wilson. Varunie has claimed time and time that Owen is not a present father and the fact that she raised their daughter singlehandedly. Some reports were Varunie got pregnant, and the comedian and actor changed his number of ghosted her.

However, later when a DNA test was performed, it was found that Lyla was Owen’s daughter and the actor had to pay $70,000 in compensation to Varunie. Currently, he pays $25,000 as child support.

Is Varunie Vongsvirates in a Relationship with Someone Else?

Following her split from Owen Wilson, it looks like Varunie is focused on raising their daughter. She hasn’t been with anyone since her separation and has revealed on multiple occasions that her only priority right now is her daughter.

Besides Owen Wilson, there aren’t any reports as to who Varunie was dating in the past. She has managed to keep that chapter of her life close. 

Varunie and Owen’s daughter, Lyla have two step-siblings, which are from his previous relationships with other celebrities and models.


Varunie Vongsvirates is currently living a private life, focused on raising her daughter. There are reports that she has urged Owen to mend his relationship with his daughter, Lyla but things don’t seem to be going as smoothly. Varunie herself is quite established in her life and seems to be doing quite well, both personally and professionally. If you were curious about her and her relationship with Owen Wilson, we hope this article answers it all.