Watch the Best Malayalam Movies with Tormalayalam in 2021


Malayalam movies are a steal with beautiful plots and even better acting. But, given how subjective and enclosed this genre of movie is, it is not surprising that it isn’t available on many streaming platforms or available for free downloads readily. In a mission to make that possible, Tormalayalam is the best website that helps you download some of your favorite movies for free via the website.

As the name of the website suggests, it is only for Malayalam movies, which means that you wouldn’t be able to find other language movies on the website, so you need to keep a check on the same. It is a pirated movie website, which means that these movies are not legal to be downloaded via this website. So, make sure that you keep a check on that too.

In case you have been using this website or plan on using this website for your Malayalam movie fix, you should get a better and clearer idea of all the available details about the website first.

What is Tormalayalam?


Tormalayalam is an online torrent website that allows you to download your favorite Malayalam movies directly via a torrent file without any hassle. It is a pirated movie website, so none of the content on the website is legal and that is something that you need to keep a check on.

The website has thousands of Malayalam movies that you can download from. The only downside to this website is the fact that they don’t have the movies categorised based on the genre. Everything is only sorted out based on alphabetical order. You can search for the movie and download the movie that you like.

Features of the website

The best thing about the Tormalayalam website is how simplistic the design and layout of the website is. It has a minimalistic design that allows you to navigate through the website and pick out the movie that you’d want to download and watch later. But, with so many other Malayalam movie download websites, here are a few features of this website that stand out.

  • The website has a clean and minimalistic design that allows easier navigation through the website
  • The movies on the website are arranged in alphabetical order with separate alphabetic categories. It lacks different categories based on the genres of the movie
  • It has a search bar on the top right corner of the website that allows you to search for the movie that you specifically want to download and watch
  • The movies are also categorised separately based on the year of the release and the actors appearing in the movie

Steps to download

Now that you know about the basic features of the website and what you can expect from the website, you must keep an eye out for the steps involved in downloading the movies. It is not taxing and requires minimal steps for you to download your favorite movie in no time at all.

Here are a few of the steps involved:

  • Start by picking out the movie that you want to download from the website. If you can’t find it directly, you can easily look it up on the search bar
  • Once you find the desired movie that you want to download and watch, click on the movie’s poster
  • Once it opens, you will find the torrent file download link on the down of the page
  • Click on it and download the Torrent file and then visit a torrent website to download the movie directly from there

11 Alternatives for Tormalayalam

For those who are looking for legal websites to download your favorite Malayalam movies, here is a list of the top 10 legal alternatives that you can check out. Remember that majority of these websites are free and some might require a premium account to access the exclusive content on the platform.

1. YouTube

While the majority of people consider YouTube as a platform for watching independent creators, it is a lot more than that. Aside from the general videos, the platform also hosts several amazing Malayalam movies that you can either watch for free or buy to further stream online. The reason why this works best is because it doesn’t involve any kind of third-party application. This enables an easier and faster download of your favourite Malayalam movies with ease. The app has also launched a premium ad-free version that you can subscribe to, in case you don’t enjoy unnecessary ads from popping up now and then.

2. Film Links 4 U

As weird and sketchy as the name of the platform looks, it is hands down one of the best platforms for downloading some of your favorite Malayalam movies for free. The best thing about this platform is that it hosts both new and old Malayalam movies, as per your convenience. Aside from Malayalam movies, the platform also hosts a wide range of Tamil and Telugu movies. They also feature a wide range of Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, in case that entices your interests.

3. HotStar

Next up on the list of the best legal alternatives for Tormalayalam is Hotstar. It is an evolving online streaming platform in India that has gained rapid popularity over time. It is a part of Star India along with a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. The platform provides a wide range of amazing Malayalam movies along with other genres and types of movies including Hollywood and Bollywood movies too. The platform gained rapid popularity after the IPL streaming on the platform.

4. DVDPlay

Another legal and good quality legal alternative for Tormalayalam is DVDPlay. The website harbours a stunning layout with a separate section for Malayalam movies that makes it easier for you to download your favorite movies without any obstruction. They also have movies in other regional languages along with Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The download process in this platform is pretty seamless and doesn’t include any complexities. The platform also hosts several amazing Bollywood and Hollywood TV shows along with Malayalam movies.

5. Netflix

Not many people realise this but Netflix does feature a lot of amazing Malayalam movies that you can watch without interruptions. This online video streaming platform is not just popular for your favorite TV shows but also comes with a wide range of movie options to stream online, especially when talking about Malayalam movies. The quality of the movies is top-notch so you never have to worry about the poor pirated quality movies that you will likely download from illegal and pirated websites.

6. Zee 5

If you enjoy more variety and options to your list of Malayalam online movies, Zee 5 is a good platform. Even this is quite a popular streaming platform that harbours some of the best Malayalam movies of all time. Not just your latest launches, it also hosts a wide range of retro Malayalam movies that ignite a sense of nostalgia within you. Even though the platform is fairly new, it has gained quite a lot of popularity because of the versatility of the content on the platform along with the kind of amazing quality videos that you get to the stream. Aside from your Malayalam movie fix, you can find some amazing movies in other regional languages on the platform too.

7. Amazon Prime Video

Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Tormalayalam is Amazon Prime Video. This is a subscription-based service, so you likely will need to invest some amount of money every year to get the best results. Make sure that you find your fix of the best Malayalam movies on this platform before you end up investing your time and money on the platform. The availability of Malayalam movies on this platform is a little limited, so I would suggest that you spend your time researching whether it has the movies you want to watch before buying the subscription.

8. Online Movie Watch

Just like the name suggests, this is a platform that lets you watch your favorite movies online. It comes with the dual option of both streaming the movie or downloading it directly, depending on what suits your likings the best. The best thing about this website that makes this a worthy option is the categorised navigation on the website. This makes it extremely easy for you to find the ideal movie that you are looking to watch. Additionally, make sure that you also have high-speed internet if you want to download it in HD quality.

9. Big Flix

Not many people in India know about this platform but it is one of the best legal alternatives to downloading your favorite Malayalam movies. It is an OTT platform owned by Reliance Entertainment, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the movies on the platform. Since the platform is so vast, it features a wide range of Malayalam movies that you can binge-watch while you are free. Even this one comes with subscription charges for the premium content. So, if there is a Malayalam movie that needs a premium subscription, you might need to avail it. The download options are not that vastly available, so you will have to stream it online.

10. Jio Cinemas

We can’t stress this enough but if there’s one online streaming portal that hypes up the Indian movies and TV shows, it is Jio Cinemas. The platform hosts a plethora of amazing online Malayalam movies that you can choose and stream on the platform. The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require any extra charges and it also allows a separate download feature that allows you to download the movie and watch it at a later date, depending on how well you perceive it. But, the download doesn’t happen to your phone but allows you to watch the Malayalam movie on the platform offline. You should give this a go and check whether it hosts the kind of South Indian films that you have been meaning to watch.

11. Vudu

For movie lovers looking for a reliable legal movie streaming platform, Vudu is an amazing option to consider. It hosts a lot of English movies without involving any copyright infringement. As such it offers a secured and safe movie streaming experience to people, unlike the pirated sites. For ease of browsing, content on Vudu is divided into categories. Here, you are likely to get content subdivided into groups like latest releases, sci-fi, horror movies, top 10 movies, and movies based on their language. Accessing this site is extremely hassle-free. All you have to do is create an account and register on this site. 

12. Tubi

Tubi is a true treasure for every movie-lover out there. No matter you are looking for horror movies or romantic ones, psychological thrillers or science fiction works, Tubi offers the best collection of movies of all time. Not just the latest movies, but old movies are also found here. The site’s collection is different from other sites. Besides commercial movies, here are the best biopics, documentaries, short films, etc. Every content is available for free. Besides allowing users to stream online, the site also allows for free downloading. So, what more are you looking for? Immediately visit Tubi and stream your favourite content for free!

13. Yidio

Another underrated legal movie streaming site is Yidio. This is short for internet video. It’s a video aggregator platform. This site itself doesn’t host any video. Instead, it brings to you more than 200 sources of every video you search for on this platform. This is especially helpful for people because if one source doesn’t respond, you can switch over to the next link and see if you can stream or download the content. You don’t have to subscribe to this platform. However, if you have subscriptions to legal platforms like Hulu, Amazon prime video, etc. It becomes more convenient for you to access the content. This site also recommends movies based on your streaming history. 


1. Is Tormalayalam a safe website?

Even though this website is not legal at all, it is a safe website. It doesn’t harbour any kind of malware that you will have to worry about. The only downside to this movie is the fact that it hosts pirated prints of the available movies. So, if you don’t want to encourage piracy, we’d suggest you check out the remaining legal alternatives that we have mentioned here.

2. Can you download movies directly on Tormalayalam?

Unlike several other Malayalam movie download websites, this one doesn’t allow you to directly download the movies. Instead, you can download the movies as a torrent file and then later download the movie seamlessly from a torrent website.

3. Is Tormalayalam a legal website?

No, this is a pirated movie website that hosts pirated movies on the platform. Since piracy is illegal in India, we’d encourage that you look for other legal alternatives to watch or download the same movies without further questions.

4. Does Tormalayalam host other language movies?

No, Tormalayalam, as the name suggests, is only for Malayalam movies and doesn’t have movies of other languages. They are categorised on the website based on release year and film actor for easier navigation and download.


Since Tormalayalam is an illegal and pirated website, we would always suggest that you look for legal alternatives over the pirated ones. Piracy is banned and illegal in India, so you must rely on the legal alternatives instead. So, instead of simply going around downloading the torrent files of these movies and encouraging the act of piracy, stream or download the movie from legal websites instead. We have sorted you out with the top 10 alternatives, so make sure that you do keep that in check.


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