Tokyo Swindlers Season 1 – When Is It Coming On Netflix?

Tokyo Swindlers Season 1

Tokyo Swindlers is a brand-new Japanese crime thriller series that is set to release on Netflix. Ever since it was announced, fans have been waiting to know the specifics of the show.

As per online sources, Tokyo Swindlers Season 1 is based on Shinjo Ko’s novel “Jimenshitachi.” The show is both written and directed by Ohne Hitoshi while the production is handled by Project.

Fans have great expectations from this upcoming crime thriller series. If you are also in the same boat, you are in the right place. In this post, we will share with you everything we know about the show so far.

When is Tokyo Swindlers Season 1 releasing?

Tokyo Swindlers is set to release on Netflix. However, the streaming giant has yet to reveal the release date.

According to sources, the showrunners have set a preliminary release date of 25th July 2024. But it is not confirmed if that will remain the same. Unless Netflix makes an official announcement, nothing is certain. There is a chance that the preliminary release date might change.

However, one thing is clear the premier date is near. Netflix can announce the official release date any moment now. For those who are interested in watching this Japanese crime thriller series, make sure you have your Netflix subscription renewed.

What can we expect in Tokyo Swindlers Season 1?

As expected, fans are excited to know about the storyline and plot details of the show. To avoid giving spoilers, the showrunners haven’t revealed much about the story.

However, the makers did release a logline, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the show. Based on the summary, the show is based on Ko Shinjo’s novel. Directed by Hitoshi One, the story features a high-stakes world of real estate fraud.

This crime drama stars Etushi Toyokawa Go Ayano and Etsushi. Like the rest of the crew and cast members, everyone is excited about this project. The story follows a clever group of scammers who use real estate deals to steal large amounts of money.

No further details have been shared as of yet. For those wondering how many episodes will season 1 have, we don’t know about that either. But we are confident that more updates will be revealed as we get closer to the release date. If they follow the preliminary release date, the show will be released on 25th July.

Who is cast in Tokyo Swindlers Season 1?

Now let’s talk about the actors appearing in Tokyo Swindlers season 1. Well, so far Toyokawa Etsushi and Ayano Go are the only actors confirmed for the show.

Ayano Go is known to fans of Yu Yu Hakusho’s adaptation as Younger Toguro. He also appeared in the 2023 thriller Hard Days as Yazaki Takayuki. In Japan, he’s famous for roles in TV shows like Avalanche, Kounodori, and MIU 404.

Toyokawa Etsushi hasn’t been in a Netflix show yet. He’s famous for roles in Japanese TV shows and movies, such as Love Letter, March Comes in Like a Lion and Midway.