Desperate Lies – The Official Trailer Is Out Now On Netflix

Desperate Lies

With the Desperate Lies trailer out now, fans can’t help but wonder about the release date of the show. This upcoming Brazilian series revolves around Liana, a woman entangled in a web of lies that leads to unexpected outcomes.

For those curious at heart, the show is written and directed by Angela Chaves. The gripping tale promises unexpected twists and turns that are likely to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. If you are as excited as us to know about the show and the release date, give this post a read.

When is Desperate Lies released?

As you already know the official trailer of Desperate Lies is out, meaning the release date is closer. In a recent announcement, Netflix declared the premiere date to be 5th July 2024. The show will be made available on the platform to subscribers.

Talking about the trailer opens with a happy gender reveal party. Liana, who is pregnant, is happy, but her mood changes when it’s revealed that she is expecting twins, each with a different father. This news breaks Liana’s perfect life. 

The trailer shows her struggle with fear of judgment, potential heartbreak, and the responsibility of raising twins. We see her relationships getting strained, with tough questions hinting at her world falling apart.

This story is not just about twists and turns, but it shows the challenges of being a mother. Liana who is about to become a mother soon, is burdened with the responsibility of hiding a big secret.

With its engaging story, Desperate Lies promises to be a powerful drama about family, mother’s love, and forgiveness.

What can we expect in Desperate Lies?

Desperate Lies is all about Liana and her life filled with deceit and challenges. It starts with heartbreak when she discovers her boyfriend, Tomás to be unfaithful. Trying to move on, she becomes involved with another man, and soon after, Liana gets pregnant. She is expecting twins, but each is fathered by a different man.

As Liana struggles to rebuild her life, she becomes entangled in a web of lies, all while hoping for a successful pregnancy. The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into Liana’s difficult journey of deception.

In short, Desperate Lies comes with an engaging storyline that is different from the other Netflix shows that you watch. The show is slated to release on 5th July, so make sure you have your calendars marked.

Who is cast in Desperate Lies?

The cast of Desperate Lies is revealed and we have some familiar faces coming together for the show. In the lead role, we have Juliana Paes as Liana with strong emotions who promise a memorable performance. She’s joined by a talented cast including Palomma Duarte, Vladimir Brichta, and Felipe Abib. Each actor adds layers to their characters, making the story rich with drama and depth.

Here’s a rundown of the names of the cast members:

  • Juliana Paes as Liana
  • Felipe Abib
  • Vladimir Brichta
  • Paloma Duarte
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