Tires Season 1 – Everything about the Release Date and Plot


Calling all car enthusiasts and comedy fans! A brand-new show is about to rev its engine and hit the road. “Tires,” a scripted comedy series, is gearing up for its debut, promising a hilarious look at the inner workings of a struggling auto shop.

At this point, the fans are quite curious to know what Shane Gillis and his comedic chops have in store for the fans. Despite the initial buzz, Netflix has been quite silent about the show’s release.

We will take a closer look at everything related to Tires Season 1 and what you can expect from it in the future.

When is Tires Season 1 Releasing?

“Tires” is set to premiere globally on Netflix on May 23rd, 2024. This six-episode season is the brainchild of comedian Shane Gillis, who joins forces with Steven Gerben and John McKeever as creators, writers, and producers. 

While details remain under wraps, with no trailers or promotional material released yet, here’s what we can expect from this comedic joyride.

This is what the initial confirmation entails. However, we do have to keep in consideration that there is no confirmation about what the show has in store for the fans, so it is all a waiting game at this point. 

What can we expect from Tires Season 1?

“Tires” dives into the chaotic world of “Rusty’s,” a struggling auto shop on the verge of collapse. We meet Will, the nervous heir to the business, who’s determined to save his father’s legacy. However, his efforts are constantly thwarted by his outrageous cousin, Shane, who’s also employed at the shop. 

Shane’s laid-back, mischievous personality is a stark contrast to Will’s uptight demeanor, creating a hilarious dynamic that fuels the show’s comedic engine. Expect plenty of slapstick humor as Will navigates the challenges of running a failing business. He might have to deal with demanding customers, incompetent mechanics (aside from Shane, hopefully!), and the ever-present threat of new, high-tech car dealerships putting “Rusty’s” out of commission. 

We’ll likely see Will struggle with outlandish marketing schemes and customer service blunders in his desperate attempt to keep the shop afloat. But “Tires” isn’t just about the grease and grime. The show promises to explore the heartwarming bond between family, albeit a dysfunctional one. We’ll see Will and Shane begrudgingly work together, their contrasting personalities leading to hilarious clashes and unexpected moments of tenderness. 

There’s also a hint of romance as Will interacts with a female character, possibly a customer or co-worker, who may add another layer of complexity to his life. At this point, we’ll not know much about the show’s outcome and storyline until it is eventually released and is available for streaming on Netflix.

Who is returning to Tires Season 1?

With so much uncertainty surrounding the release of Tires Season 1, we also don’t have much idea about the confirmed cast. Some of the rumored cast that are expected in the show are:

  • Steve Gerben as Will
  • Shane Gillis as Shane
  • Chris O’Connor
  • Kilah Fox
  • Stavros Halkias
  • Andrew Schulz (guest appearance)


When did Tires season 1 release?

Tires season 1 premiered on 23rd May 2024, on Netflix. The first season delved into the chaotic world of a struggling auto shop, Rusty’s. The story revolves around Will, the nervous heir trying to save his father’s legacy, and his mischievous cousin Shane.

Who are the creators of Tires Season 1?

Tires Season 1 is the brainchild of comedian Shane Gillis, who collaborates with John McKeever and Steven Gerben as creators, writers, and producers.

Who is cast in Tires season 1?

The cast for Tires season 1 includes Steve Gerben as Will and Shane Gillis as Shane. Other members include Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox, Stavros Halkias, and Andrew Schulz in a guest role.

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