Here’s the Detailed Net Worth of SSSniperWolf

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

SSSniperWolf is also called Lia Wolf. She is a famous YouTuber of American British origin and has an estimated net worth of $16 million. She is one of the most highly paid and popular personalities on YouTube and she is also famous for reaction videos, gaming videos, commentary, Cosplay, and DIY videos. As of 2023, there are over 33 million subscribers which have given a great cover.

That’s all behind making her one of the most viewed people on YouTube. Only because of her popularity, Lia has various partnerships and endorsement offers from some of the top brands like Ubisoft, Disney, EA, and many others. The number of edited and wrote games in the entire series for YouTube and she also hosted the game show named “Clickbait”.

Early Life

SSSniperWold was born on 22nd October 1992 in Liverpool, England. Her father happens to be of Greek origin and her mother is of Turkish origin. Wolf also had sisters who were younger than her namely Rayna and two brothers named Paul and Bakir. Sadly, Bakir was found dead while he was bodyboarding on a trip to Hawaii.

Personal Life 

As far as personal life is considered, not much is known about the personal life of this YouTuber. It is just known that she has an enormous following on her social media channels and YouTube channels as well. There are so many big brands like Mercedes Benz that want her to be their face.

As Lia grew up, the family spoke English and Arabic. They shifted to Phoenix in Arizona only when she was 6 years old and after completing her after graduating from high school, she continued her studies to be a pharmacist before changing the profession to nursing. She also dropped out of her college before receiving her degree and after a long time, it was found that she is interested in attending Full Sail University to study game design.


In the year 2011, Wolf started a YouTube channel known as sexysexysniper and the channel crossed 50,000 subscribers. Again in 2013, she removed the channel after she created the current one “SSSniperWolf,” after the main character named Sniper Wolf from the very popular video game known as “Metal Gear Solid”.

The channel finally had 1 million subscribers in January 2015 and towards the end of 2022, it had almost 33 million subscribers. The videos on this channel have been watched almost 1 billion times till the latter part of September 2017. The number then rose to 20 billion by July 2022. From 2017, most of the videos created by Wolf were reaction videos and TikTok videos.

Net Worth

Reports state that SSSniperWolf has an earnings of $116,000-$1 million every month and on a yearly basis it is somewhere between $1.4-$22.4 million. 

It is also estimated that she earns almost $15.33 million every year from various other sources of revenue generation and her YouTube channel.