School Of Chocolate Season 2 – Has Netflix Greenlit the Sequel?

School Of Chocolate Season 2

The world’s most delicious competition show “School of Chocolate,” captivated audiences with its first season in 2021. Sometimes, we need to witness people do unique things and this show was just that and more.

Under the masterful guidance of renowned chocolatier Amaury Guichon, eight talented pastry chefs honed their skills and battled it out for the coveted title of “Best in Class.” To be fair, the first season was a huge success and now the fans are curious about the sequel.

While a second season hasn’t been officially announced yet, the show’s positive reception and cliffhanger ending leave room for optimism. We will take a look at more details about School of Chocolate Season 2.

When is School of Chocolate Season 2 Releasing?

As we highlighted, the first season of the show wrapped up in 2021 and Netflix has not renewed the show since then. Given that it has been close to three years since then, it makes sense that the fans are now curious to know how the show would transpire in the future.

Before you get pessimistic thinking that the show is going to be benched for good, that isn’t really what’s going to happen. Netflix has not officially canceled the show, so we can remain hopeful that the creators will bring the show sometime in the future.

The creators have not shed any light and even Amaury Guichon has not shed any light on the situation, so it is all a waiting game right now until the people involved with the show speak up about the second season.

What can we expect from School of Chocolate Season 2?

Based on the first season’s format, we can expect Season 2 to follow a similar structure. A new batch of aspiring chocolatiers will compete in a series of high-pressure challenges, pushing their creativity and technical skills to the limit. 

Each episode will likely feature a masterclass by Chef Guichon, showcasing a specific chocolate technique, followed by a pastry challenge and a showpiece challenge. The winners of the pastry challenge will hold a strategic advantage, deciding who sits out the showpiece challenge and receives one-on-one guidance from the master chocolatier.

Chef Guichon is renowned for his breathtaking sugar sculptures. We can expect him to challenge the contestants to create their intricate sugar creations, pushing the boundaries of artistry and engineering.

While visual appeal is crucial, the essence of any dessert lies in its taste. The second season might see challenges focused on pairing unexpected flavors and textures, testing the contestants’ understanding of chocolate and its versatility. 

Overall, it would be interesting to see how things end up taking shape in the future season. We’d have to look out for what’s next in store.

Who is returning to School of Chocolate Season 2?

While an official cast announcement hasn’t been made, it’s unlikely that the charismatic Chef Guichon will step down from his role as mentor and host. His passion for chocolate and expertise are integral to the show’s success. Additionally, his assistants, Carolyn and Devin, who offered valuable support in Season 1, might return to help guide the new class.


What is the release date for School of Chocolate season 2?

As of now, Netflix has not renewed School of Chocolate for a second season. The first season concluded in 2021, and since then there have been no updates about the show. It is worth noting that Netflix hasn’t cancelled the show either, keeping fans hopeful for its return.

Has Netflix cancelled School of Chocolate?

No, Netflix has not cancelled School of Chocolate. While there’s been no announcement about renewal, the show hasn’t been cancelled for good, 

Who is expected to return to School of Chocolate season 2?

Although no official cast announcements have been made, Chef Amaury Guichon will likely return as mentor and host. His assistants, Devin and Carolyn, who supported the contestants in season 1, might also return.


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